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Ballis vs. Asmodeus

BJ refers to Asmodeus as if he is the most powerful adder ever!"Never since the great snake Asmodeus had there been a snake so great."That's a line from Doomwyte.I think that Ballis exceeds Asmodeus. Think about it,Ballis slew Wellz, the great catfish monster,in a matter of a few moments!When did Asmodeus perform such a feat?Ballis was blind,yet completely made up for this handicap,to the point it did not seem he was disabled at all.Asmodeus was slain by martin/matthias while it took a whole mound collapsing while spewing out incinerating fluids from the ground to kill Ballis!I think it's obvious that Ballis wins hands down.However i am open to other opinions so please comment if you have a good arguement.)--Mightyungatttrunn 03:00, June 27, 2010 (UTC).

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