• Ming the Japanese Fox

    Im a fan of really long prologue's so if you do not want to read it just skip to the first champter when I make it.

    Age: 13

    "C'mon sis, hurry up! We're almost late!" shouted Lee

    "Coming" Ming shouted back

    "Sis, what takes you so long" Lee asked while Ming was coming down the vine

    "I was training, shouldn't you have been training for this too?" as they were running to a collisseum like building

    "I already did, remember I'm an early riser"

    "Oh yeah"

    When they finally arrived at the colosseum, they could hear and see the all the commotion for the Warrior Contest.

    They stood in a line with all the other teenage foxes while an old grey fox named Jiao rolled out a scroll and called role.

    After a few minutes


    "Present" shouted a young beautiful red fur…

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