• MissTaggerung

    Fwirl's story

    December 11, 2009 by MissTaggerung

    "Goodbye, I'll miss you!" "Oh, Jenizine! Don't go... Think of the babe, you won't see it untill it is three seasons old!"Jenizine's wife reminded him. "Goto Redwall my dear, they will look after yyou and the babe there. I'm sure of it! Tell my ol' matey Tam that I say hi. Goodbye."and with his last sentence he turned and walked over to his crew , who were all ready to set sail. They were going off to the Southern Seas to fight the Ratslime Horde. They were going to avenge the rest of the tribe that the Ratslime killed. Only twenty one were left out of 200. Twenty were going off to fight, and Ashen Star was the only female left. But she was going to have a babe, and had to get somewhere safe for it to be born. She was going to Redwall!

    Off s…

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