• Mossrose

    A Squirrel's Tail

    May 14, 2013 by Mossrose
    The force of the gale was intense, wreaking considerable damage upon the ship in the ocean far below.
    A battle was going on, Captain Cossan Birchbark knew, between ship and storm. Outside his cabin he could already hear the ship breaking up in the lashing seas. The battle was almost over, and not in his favour.
    The squirrel rushed to the deck of his beleaguered vessel just as a massive bolt of lighting struck the main-mast, causing the great ship to shudder from prow to stern. Cossan leapt nimbly out of the way as the disengaged topsail crashed to the broken deck before him, then cautiously made his way toward the for'ard cabin.
    This particular storm had lasted twelve days yet, and one thing any experienced captain knew was sometimes a beast …
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