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  • Mountainrosethewarrior

    Mails story

    August 15, 2009 by Mountainrosethewarrior

    ( sniff sniff) ' Rosa dear, their something strange about the air today, smells like fox.'' Zipppppp! a dagger just flew through the air and was a paw away from Mt.'s paw. Mountainrose dear, we are going to run for our lives into our drey. ok? ok. quiet, now! ( safe in drey) Mt. I think it's time i told you.( sigh from Stormtail) about your mother. "'my mum bu- Shhhh"' be quiet and listen. Your mum was called Lilyfern a very nice name because she was born in the ferns near a pond.She was a very good fighter killed many verman. But than coulple seansons after we wedded she found out she was guna be a mom and i a dad we were very excited and couldnt wait for you so we left home and went into the mountains so u would be born and than would…

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  • Mountainrosethewarrior

    That night Stormtail( and the others) made it out of their home in the mountain but now they are alone with no food just a mossy floor, safe, but VERY,very cold. looking up with a tearstained face and his most treashered daughter in his arms stormtail... to be countuned!

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  • Mountainrosethewarrior


    It was a cold and snowey night when the babe, Mountainrose was born. 'O just look at her Stormtail arn't you proud"? said Lilyfern in a hushed tone. "She's ours". Yup we are parents. What would I do with out y- ... just then an arrow sipped through Lilyferns back. LILYYFFFEERRN!!!! "No... why? Lilyfern.. are you alive speak to me! "Stormtail... save.... her... go.... dont ..... take with... you." Stormtail grabed the babe and Lilyfern and ran through their secret tunnel through the mountain in a shower of snow and arrows and three vermin chasing them.

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