( sniff sniff) ' Rosa dear, their something strange about the air today, smells like fox.'' Zipppppp! a dagger just flew through the air and was a paw away from Mt.'s paw. Mountainrose dear, we are going to run for our lives into our drey. ok? ok. quiet, now! ( safe in drey) Mt. I think it's time i told you.( sigh from Stormtail) about your mother. "'my mum bu- Shhhh"' be quiet and listen. Your mum was called Lilyfern a very nice name because she was born in the ferns near a pond.She was a very good fighter killed many verman. But than coulple seansons after we wedded she found out she was guna be a mom and i a dad we were very excited and couldnt wait for you so we left home and went into the mountains so u would be born and than would go back home and bring you to meat everyone.But she was shot and the funny thing is she was different beforn she was shot .strange.

Chapter 2: sadeness

I 'll be right back "well he said he was but never came back said worried Mountainrose. Have to go looking for him. Outside the drey Mountainrose discovered a trail of blood.Crying non stop she folowed it to find Stormtail wit a arrow in his leg... still alive! She was shocked! Dad speak to me! Rose... o verman ... foxes.... love..... you .... ran off with..... food and..... Nooooo! dont leave me paw in paw she felt his paw go limp.She cried herself to sleap than burried him under their small drey in a pear tree and carved this: here lies the loved stormtail who I will never forget ever may you rest in peace and have a safe trip to the land of sunny days and calm streams.


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