If I was given the rights to Nelvana's Redwall Animated Series, it would be only available on Netflix. It would have 10 episodes and I would rate it TV-14 for Blood and Strong Violence. These people are who I would cast

Principal Voice Cast

  • Amos Crawley - Martin the Warrior
  • Tyrone Savage - Gonff the Mousethief
  • Graham Haley - Dinny / Old Dinny
  • Julie Lemieux - Tsarmina Greeneyes
  • Lindsay Connell - Columbine / Fortunata
  • Bruce Dow - Log-a-Log
  • Colette Stevenson - Bella of Brockhall / Lady Amber
  • Catherine Disher - Abbess Germaine
  • John Stocker - Boar the Fighter

I would have Amos reprise his role as Martin, have Matthias' voice actor play Gonff. The opening scene for Episode 1 would be a continuation of Season 3's epilogue. However, there would be a time skip, Martin II is a young dibbun and Auma would be an adult badger. The characters that are absent due to dying of old age are Matthias, Cornflower, Constance, Basil, Abbot Mordalfus, and many others.

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