This is a fan fiction story by Mousieboy232. It is not considered canon, nor is it a policy or guideline.

This is an unofficial sequel to Mattimeo, the real sequel is Pearls of Lutra. This takes place 10 years in the future after Matthias rescued Mattimeo. Yes I know that years are not applied in the Redwall Fantasies but I chose to give them "Human Years" because I wanted to Give the readers a more humanly vibe.


Mattimeo polished his sword as Tess made hot vegetable soup. Mattimeo was sitting next to his son Martin II, the baby mouse was in a bassinet made from wicker. Tess smiled at her husband as she stirred the soup with a wooden ladle in the big cauldron. However, at Cavern Hole, a sick Abbot Mordalfus laid in his bed, coughing severely. Constance badger passed away, seasons ago. Basil Stag Hare, rested in rocking chair, tears welling in his eyes. Elderly John Churchmouse and Mrs. Churchmouse all gathered, as well as the retired warrior Matthias and Cornflower.

"M-M-M-Matthias. Please get Mattimeo here. I want to see him one last time."

Mordalfus said weakly.

"I will do that. Father Abbot."

Matthias said as tears ran down his cheek and off his whiskers. Just before Mattimeo and Tess could eat, they were summomed by Matthias.

"Son, I have bad news, it's old Mordalfus."

Matthias said as he choked on the words. Mattimeo's eyes became watery. Matthias had lead Mattimeo and Tess to the dying mouse.

"Mattimeo, I remember when you were a little dibbun, oh hoho, how mischievous you were. *Cough cough* After Slagar had kidnapped you, you became stronger. No longer the Abbey Brat. You're a warrior, just like your father. Now, I shall join Martin, Mortimer, Methuselah, and Constance in the Great Forest."

The old mouse said as he closed his eyes, never to open them again. This death had made everyone in the Abbey weep and moan. The mouring had just begun, who would be the new Abbot/Abbess to guide the woodlanders who dwelled behind the walls. Foremole, decended of Foremole and his crew grabbed shovels and hummed a sad tune as they dug the former Abbot's grave. Tess was weeping on Mattimeo's shoulder, who was also crying, but in silence. Basil couldn't hold back the tears as he cried in his sleeve. Sam, Cheek, and Tim sat on the back pew weeping as well. And too add insult to injury the rain fell upon the weeping Abbey Dwellers.

At St. Ninian's Church, a grey fox was sitting in the window sill twirling around a curved dirk. He twirled his sword as the raindrops fell down to the earth. The fox wore a white blouse and over it, a red and black coat, like Basil's. He had a leather belt wrapped around his waist, and he wore a black glove on his right paw. A black furred weasel with a white stripe across his belly, wielding a hatchet walked up to the fox.

"Hey, Master Nikos, what are pondering about?"

The weasel asked his commander. Nikos slowly turned his gaze to the weasel captain and he smiled, revealing his left fang to be made from gold.

"You know what I am going to do, Vikk."

Nikos said devilishly.

Chapter 1

Nikos sheathed his blade and stepped outside where the remaining hordebeasts were at. He stood up on an old hay wagon, as the Hordebeasts lined up in rows of 5 to 8. One of the hordebeasts was a vixen named Gretcha, she was the Healer of the crew, she stood in the middle of the rows. She wore a purple robe and wore a headdress. Nikos inhaled and let out a big bellow.

"Ladies and gentlebeast, may I have your attention! Redwall is just east from here, they have plenty of supplies, weapons, and warm beds for us to lay our weary heads on. No more sleeping on the cold floor, no more scavenging for food. We will live like kings and lords, they are a peaceful bunch, talking that place will be a piece of cake. Are you with me?"

He shouted out. The hordebeasts started chanting.

"Nikos, Nikos, Nikos, Nikos!"

"I like the sound of that."

Nikos said smiling.

"Vikk, I need you to cover the back, while I and Gretcha go to the front to 'talk' to our Abbey Dwellers."

Nikos commanded.

"Yes, Chief."

Responded Vikk. As the horde prepared for the march on Redwall, Nikos jump down from the hay cart and smiled.

"We are coming, the Reapers are coming to take what you have, no warrior is going to stop us, not even your precious Martin."

Nikos said sinisterly.

At Redwall, Mattimeo and Tess cradled little Martin II, then they heard a knock on the door. Tess answered it, it was Cynthia Bankvole, she went from a whining nuisance to a strong Abbey Volewife. She was still teary-eyes from the death of old Mordalfus.

"Hey, Matti, Tess. I brought over a basket of mulberry muffins and a beaker of apple wine."

The lovely bankvole said as she tried not to cry.

"Cynthia, it's okay to cry. Crying is what makes us stronger."

"I'll be okay, I'll be fine."

She whimpered out as she choked back on the tears. Mattimeo welcomed in her in the gatehouse, in where the warrior lived. Matthias and Cornflower sipped on some hot lemon tea.

"I am still sad about Mordalfus's death. At least, he is no longer suffering."

Cornflower said sipping on her cup of tea.

"Yeah, I know. But, I'm still saddened about this."

Matthias said looking at his reflection in the tea. Rollo, now no longer a dibbun walked over to Cornflower and Matthias.

"Are you two okay?"

He sincerely asked. Cornflower saw the young bankvole and smiled.

"Oh Rollo."

The mousemaiden said smiling as she tussled the top of his head. Rollo sat down with them, as he took a sip of lemon tea, Tim Churchmouse, Abbey Recorder walked in. He sat at a table, writing down documents.

"You will be missed old Mordalfus."

He said as tears fell down on the paper. Cheek and Sam were building a new otter dam, for the old one was rotten, Cheek cleared the rotten wood and replaced it as Sam climbed the treetops and snatched up loose branches.

"Sure is a slow, slow day, eh?"

Cheek said as he carried the branches and logs that were thrown down from Sam.

"Yes, it is. My otter friend yes it is."

He replied. On the other side of the dam, Foremole and his crew were digging spots in the ground so that the logs were secured.

"Awight, Daftus, stick ye twigs in yer mud, make sure ye gots enuff fer the big logs."

Foremole chuckled out to his crew. The moles dug and sang a digging shanty.

"Oh we moles are o'plenty

Our paws muddy with glee

We work till our bellies are empty

Sing along with me

Hi hi ho ho hey

All we do is work and play

Hey hey ho ho hi

Till the mornin' comes well feel alright

I knew mouse named Martin

A grand adventurer he be

Swingin' sword at the vermin beasts

After he be done, there be a feast

Hi hi ho ho hey

til the morning comes will dance and say

hey hey ho ho hi

May our weary souls be rested when we die."

The moles sang, as they sung time seemed to fly by. In the cellars, Jube was the new Cellarkeeper, this job was past down from Ambrose Spike, who shortly passed away before Mordalfus. Auma, the new badgermum was helping him keep inventory on the elderberry wine to the strawberry cordial, to the dandelion fizz. As they were checking on the large barrels of delicious liquid, Camrin, the mole dibbun ran into the cellar.

"Auma, monsers tryin' to git me!"

He babbled. Auma picked up the dibbun and he set him by the stairs. Two other dibbuns: Sunflower and Marko the hedgehog twins, and descendants to Jube. Saw Auma, the badgermum playfully glared her fangs and the dibbuns screamed with delight as they ran up the stairs.

"Dibbuns, can't live with them, can't live without them."

Auma said letting out a hearty laugh.

"I agree with you, miss Auma."

Jube laughed out.

"Those two are a handful, just like me when I was a youngin."

Jube chuckled out as he took a sip of dandelion fizz.

On the ramparts, Elmtail, and the other slaves were the new Wall Guards for the Abbey. Mattimeo decided to pay Elmtail a visit.

"Captain Elmtail. Hello!"

The mouse warrior called out.

"Mattimeo, how are you?"

The Squirrel called back.

"I am alright, still taking Mordalfus's death hard, but I will still manage."

"Good, Mattimeo, take a look at this."

Elmtail shouted. The mouse doubled up the ladder and he saw an unpleasant surprise. He saw Nikos and his hordebeasts surrounding the Abbey. Nikos smiled revealing his golden fang, he then pointed his index claw on his right paw at the Guards.

"I want to speak to your Abbot or Abbess, Redwallers!"

Shouted the grey fox.

"You will get no such thing, fox. You and your kind begone!"

Shouted Elmtail.

"We may be verminous species, but that doesn't mean we can't co-exist with you peaceful animals. We will provide protection for you, while provide safe haven for my troops."

"We have no Abbot or Abbess at the time, now begone or face our arrows!"

Yelled Mattimeo. But, that threat didn't scathe Nikos. Nikos shook his fist at the Warrior of Redwall.

"Be prepared, mouse. I am coming for you, you will be the first to feel my wrath, you could had a nice time talking to me, but nope, had to let stereotypes get in the way, this is war!"

Nikos threatened. Gretcha held Nikos tight, the two were a couple.

"My liege, I know how he shall get into Redwall. We shall create a diversion, Vikk leading a false attack, and us sneaking around back."

She proposed. This idea enlightened the fox's spirits.

Chapter 2

Nikos and the rest made there way back to St. Ninian's Church, where a shrew and a couple of others were being held prisoner. A shrew wearing a red cap shouted at one of the weasel guards.

"You vermin won't get away with this, Log-a-Log Flugg will have your tails for tea, logalogalogalog!"

Shouted the shrew at the top of his lungs. A skinny weasel, wearing a black worn tunic and bronze helmet poked at the shrew with his spear handle. He spoke in a nasily voice.

"Shut yer trap, ya useless hairball."

"Hairball?! I am Byco, of the Guosim, and once my fighters find you, you will wish you never met me or my crew!"

He shouted. Just as the weasel was about to jab the angered with the proper end of the spear, Nikos stepped in and intervened.

"Now, now. Let's not let the shrew get on your nerves, bucko. He's in there and you're out here besides. Gretcha has come with a fool proof plan to get us into Redwall Abbey, go see Vikk for your briefing."

Nikos said with a golden smile. He then turned his gaze to the shrew.

"You, you are such a little troublemaker. I should go on there and teach you a lesson, shrew. Maybe take some rope and twine and gag you, or better yet, I'll rip your tongue out and feed it to my pet wolverine. He has a taste for beasts like you, shrew."

Nikos threatened as he waved his dirk in front of the shrew's face.

"Now that I've shut you up, I want to tell you something, your friends at Redwall cannot stop us, we have more fighters than they do, and we are more experiences in combat. There is nothing you or your stupid Guosim can do about it."

Nikos sinisterly laughed out at the captive shrews.

"Vikk, Gretcha, let's go."

He commanded.

Back at Redwall, The Dwellers prepared for a siege. Tess, Cynthia, and Sam were all checking up on the bins of nuts, spices, veggies, fruits, and other ingredients. A jolly squirrel came down the steps and to the kitchen, it was Friar Carry. The new Friar was a short, stocky, and perfectly round squirrel. He was the best cook in the Abbey since Friar Hugo, and he was a real hoot at festivals and feasts. The Friar spoke in a slightly high pitched voice.

"Ah, Tess, Cynthia, Sam, I see you three are taking inventory?"

Friar Carry asked.

"Yes we are, Friar. That dreaded fox and his crew have just waged war on us, and we better take inventory on what we have. It's 23 years ago all over again, when Cluny the Scourge attacked Redwall."

Said Tess.

"Cluny? Wasn't he the vermin who almost conquered Redwall?"

Friar Carry asked.

"Yes, I was only a dibbun at the time, the beasts here called me 'Silent Sam,' for the reason I only communicated by sucking on my thumbclaw. Anyway, I was just a dibbun at the time, hiding in the Abbey's attic with my mum, we watch as Cluny and his press gangs were eliminated by Matthias, Former Redwall Warrior."

Explained Sam.

"Anyway, how is Jess by the by?"

Friar Carry asked smiling wide.

"My mum is doing alright, she's not the champion climber like was 10 years ago, she stays on the ground, no offense, like the rest of the Redwallers that aren't squirrels."

Replied Sam.

"Non taken, Sammy-Boy, I am one of the squirrels who prefers to keep his paws on the ground."

Friar Carry chuckled.

"Friar Carry, the almonds, pistachios, and chestnuts bin are completely full, however, we are running low on our spices; cinnamon is half empty; nutmeg is barely there; flour is about 1/4 full; there's not enough cane sugar to sweeten our tea."

Cynthia reported.

"Thank you, Miss Bankvole. In that case, we'll need to round up a retrieving party. To get our cinnamon, nutmeg, flour, and cane sugar."

Friar Carry said.

"I will go, I will see if Matti and Cheek are willing to come, as well."

Sam said as he walked up on out of the kitchen.

"What if that nasty fox catch him?"

Cynthia asked worryingly. Tess placed a paw on the bankvole's shoulder.

"Don't fret, my husband, Sam, and Cheek are real Redwall Warriors, you'll see that they make it back safe and sound."

Tess said smiling at her Bankvole companion. Outside of the kitchen, Mattimeo and Cheek were standing on the ramparts, watching the leaves on the trees flutter, and the the flowers dancing in the wind. He took a short cut by climbing up the ramparts wall instead of the ladder.

"Hey, Matti. Cynthia has just reported that we are almost out of nutmeg, flour, and sugar. I was wondering if you could come with me on a foraging mission to get some, I will also need you too, Cheek. Basil taught you how to find the hardest of things, so this should be a piece of cake."

Sam proposed. Cheek's eyes lit up, when the squirrel said "cake."

"Cake, where!"

The otter said in a hyper manner.

"And he has Basil's appetite as well."

Sam giggled.

"Sam, I will be happy to come with you on the foraging party. Besides, you can't go it alone, not without my combat experience, and Cheek's acute senses."

Mattimeo said.

"Is there anyone else that needs to come?"

"No, just us three, Elmtail. Open the gates!"

Sam shouted, Elmtail saluted Sam, he and his squirrel guards swung the gates wide open. Mattimeo grabbed his father's sword, sheathed in the scabbard by his waist. Sam grabbed a spear, while Cheek grabbed a dagger. The three were off to campaign for the spices.

Meanwhile, towards the back end of Redwall. Nikos, Vikk, and Gretcha hid in the treetops.

"Once, the creatures are nestled safely in their beds, we will strike, Vikk, pass this information down, ASAP."

Nikos commanded.

"Right away, sir."

Vikk replied as he climbed down from the tree, the weasel captain told the other hordebeasts and they passed it on to their brethren. Gretcha looked at her husband, she saw the flames of revenge igniting in his eyes.

"Once, I have taken this place for myself, I will execute Matthias and his son. For killing my mentor, Slagar."

Nikos said sharply.

Chapter 3

Somewhere in Easter Mossflower. Log-a-Log Flugg and the Guosim were hot on the trail of Byco and the other shrews that had gotten kidnapped by Nikos. One of Flugg's right paws was a skinny shrew, wearing a yellow hat, vest, and boots. His name was Leek, Leek was the Guosim's tracker.

"Logalog, I picked up on Byco's sent, he went west from here!"

"Good, let's follow it, Leek."

Flugg said, as the shrews hiked through the woods, following the scent of where Byco was taken. All the shrews were armed with rapiers, but Leek had staff instead, when he chose to fight, he did it without killing. Even though the Guosim were considered heroes among Mossflower Woods, Leek was a creature of peace. That is why he chose to subdue than to eliminate. As the Guosim hiked deeper west, Leek stopped and sniffed the air.

"What is, comrade?"

Flugg asked.

"More scents, but not pleasant ones, vermins: a fox, a weasel, and few rats."

Leek reported.

"So, Byco was taken, not good. Not good at all."

Flugg replied. The shrews continued on their now rescue mission.

"If my nose serves me right, the scent of Byco and the vermin are headed to St. Ninian's Church."

Leek reported to Flugg.

"St. Ninian's, isn't that the abandoned chapel that is neighbors to Redwall Abbey, and hideout for many vermin?"

Flugg asked. Leek nodded, and followed the scent.

"If we're going to find Byco, we'll definitely find that verminous fox, that you scented."

Flugg said as he walked in the middle of the line.

Mattimeo, Sam, and Cheek traveled far from home, just to get some spices, flour, and sugar. They hiked through the woods for hours on end, all of a sudden, their luck changed, for all three saw a squirrel hauling a spice cart. Mattimeo, Sam, and Cheek chased after the cart hauler.

"Excuse me, sir. But where are you headed with that spice cart?"

Asked Cheek. The squirrel let out a sigh of relief.

"To Redwall Abbey of course, I am thankful you three are hear. I don't mean to be a burden but, could you three gents protect me, while I make my way to Redwall?"

He asked. The three heroes agreed to help out the squirrel. The 4 journeyed back to Redwall.

"So what is your name, noble spicer?"

Mattimeo asked nonchalantly.

"My name is Aldo, and I come from the far east, I used to live by the ocean. We too had some sort of an Abbey like yours, but it was destroyed by a vermin named Kroogar, Kroogar was a wicked pine marten who killed everybeast in my home and kidnapped my wife and daughter. However, I got the upper claw and I stabbed that wicked creature in the chest, but I was too late, my wife was killed and my daughter was sold into slavery, I just hope my little one is alright."

Aldo said as tears dripped from his eyes. Mattimeo patted the weeping squirrel on the back.

"I too was being sold into slavery by a wicked masked fox named Slagar, 10 years ago, when i was 11. My friends and I were drugged by a sleeping potion that Slagar used to taint our drinks. Luckily, my father and his friends were following us, so even though they were about a day away, or so I would imagine they found us and rescued us. Your daughter must respect you for at least trying to rescue her."

Mattimeo said sincerely.

"That's the problem, my daughter was only an infant, and she was taken the day Kroogar laid waste to my Abbey."

"I am sorry, I just hope she's alright."

Mattimeo said with sympathy.

Back at Redwall, in Cavern Hole, Tess sat next to her younger twin brother Tim.

"I sure hope Matti and the other two are alright."

Tess said worryingly. Tim looked at his big sister and smiled.

"Don't worry, Tess. Matti, Sam, and Cheek are warriors they will be back, maybe tomorrow or later, but, I have a good feelimg that they'll be back."

Tim said as he wrote in the document journal. Jube, Auma, and Cynthia served the creatures in Cavern Hole dinner; Stuff Mushrooms with barely and a side of snap peas.

"Eat up, we can't let this all go to waste."

Auma said as she passed plates left and right. At another table, Matthias, Cornflower, Jess, and Basil sat together.

"So, what should we do bout that foxy blighter, hm?"

Basil asked.

"Well, Basil, if my son, and our other young ones get here in time, they will know what to do. Matti has the Sword of Martin."

Matthias asked.

"Until then, we'll just have to manage without them, til they return."

"For now, Matthias. Let's just enjoy this wonderful meal."

Jess proposed.

"Say no more, old girl. This looks rather delicious, wot wot."

Basil chuckled. As the veteran fighters ate and laughed, Matthias had one more burning question on his mind.

"If that grey fox and his crew were to attack us right now, do you still think we could fight?"

Matthias asked concerned.

"I may not be as athletic or spontaneous as I was 10 years ago, but I can still put up a fight, don'tcha know. Haha."

Basil chuckled.

"These worn paws may not be good for climbing anymore, but give me a blade, and I shall smite those vermin in two."

Jess said as he used her small cutting knife as if it were a blade. Matthias smiled at his colleagues.

"Thank you, my friends."

Matthias said wholeheartedly.

Outside of Redwall, Nikos and two other weasels climbed the back wall, using grappling hooks.

"Listen carefully, our main targets are Matthias, Mattimeo, and the Sword. Everyone else. Is expendable. Keep those two alive, and bring the sword to me in pristine condition."

Nikos commanded.

"Uh why, Chief?"

The weasel on his left said.

"Because, fuzzhead, they need to feel pain: emotional and physical. Just bring them to me, I don't care about the others, kill them, enslave them, do whatever you like."

Nikos replied back. The fox smiled, showing off his golden fang.

"The time has come Redwall, time for you to suffer."

Chapter 4

After Nikos and the others got up the wall and onto the ledge, the fox smiled and placed his index claw on his lips, the vulpine drew his curved dirk and he snuck up on a sleeping mouse guard. As the fox approached his unsuspecting victim. Elmtail walked up the ladder to walk his sleeping comrades, that's where he was stunned at what just had been done: The poor victims were slashed to death by the fox and his weasel lackeys.

"Redwall to me, Redwall to me!"

Elmtail shouted as he ran down from the ramparts, and to Cavern Hole.

"Grraah, we've been compromised, retreat!"

Nikos ordered. The three rappelled back down from the wall and they ran back to St. Ninians Church.

"You two, get word to Vikk and Gretcha, the plan was a bust, the plan was a bust!"

Nikos ordered as he sprinted back to St. Ninian's Church. All of a sudden, arrows rained down from the walls of the Abbey. A quarter of Nikos's vermin were killed in the counter attack. Luckily, Vikk and Gretcha were out of range.

"I'll return, Redwall. You will feel my wrath, for what you did to Slagar the Cruel!"

Nikos shouted shaking his fist. The vermin ran back with their tails betwixt their legs.

Auma and Tess laughed at the cowardly vermin. Auma then looked over to the saddened Elmtail. The squirrel had lost two of his valiant comrades, if had been their sooner, he could save those two from their brutal demise. Auma rubbed his back.

"I'm sorry they were killed, those two were formidable fighters."

Auma said with sympathy, as she comforted the weeping squirrel. The brothers and sisters of Redwall cleaned up the corpses and they carried them to the cemetery.

Closer to St. Ninian's, Flugg saw the vermin's camp.

"We're getting close. Bycos's scent is getting stronger."

Leek reported.

"Good, let's free him, when those vermin make there leave onto Redwall."

Flugg added. The shrew ventured towards the campsite.

At the camp, Nikos and his vermin sat by a campfire, eating a roasted fish.

"Next night, we come at from all different sides, that way when we do get ambushed by the Redwall lot. We can take a few hostage back with us."

Nikos proposed.

"I like that idea, Chief. Absolutely!"

One of the weasels said in a patronizing way. This only made Nikos mad.

"Don't patronize me, weasel."

Nikos said sharply.

"Sorry, Chief."

Replied the weasel.

"Now to see to my wolverine, Bloodteeth."

Nikos said as he finished the last bite of roasted pike. The grey fox walked over to his "pet," the hulking beast eating a cooked sparrow. Those he had no brains, he made up for it in brawn. Bloodteeth wore a sleeveless worn down robe, and carried a giant mace around.

"Heellllooo, Bloodteeth. How are you?"

Nikos asked in a soothing manor. The dumb wolverine grunted at his master, the creature was chained up so that he wouldn't eat any of the other vermin there.

"Listen carefully, care-fully. The front gates of Redwall, I need you to smash them to bits and pieces for my forces to charge in. You understand?"

Nikos explained slowly. Bloodteeth grunted and nodded.

"Good, get some rest."

All of a sudden Bloodteeth grunted worryingly. Nikos turned around at his "baby."

"Aww, want me to sing you a song?"

Nikos asked. In which, Bloodteeth happily grunted. The grey fox sat down and cleared his throat.

"When the moon is lit, and all is well

You will be there to tell

All the creatures in the wall

You will come to kill them all

Smash a squirrel's spine in two

Make a hare eat his shoes

Run a sword into a mouse

Then burn down his house."

The sinister song, lulled the big guy to sleep. After the not so soothing song ended. Nikos tip toed back to his campfire.

I"I don't know how you do it, but when I go over to him, he tries to bite me."

Said Vikk.

"Well, Vikk. I have the magic touch and voice."

Replied Nikos.

Matti, Sam, and Cheek returned with Aldo the Spicer, back to Redwall. Auma opened the gates, she had a look of sadness and relief on her face.

"Oh, Mattimeo, thank goodness you're here. I have got some bad news: a few of our comrades were slain by the fox."

Auma said with a heavy heart.

"Oh no. Oh... no."

Mattimeo said with tears in his eyes.

"I'm sorry, but it was only two of our creatures."

Auma replied.

"Doesn't matter, that fox killed two of our creatures, he must pay!"

Mattimeo said with a vengeful tone in his voice.

"Remember what your father told you, never talk about revenge, you are a warrior not a ruthless killer, you protect, not destroy."

Auma said to Mattimeo.

Matthias, Cornflower, Jess, and Basil all ran to Mattimeo.

"I'm glad to see you're alright, my son."

Matthias said. Mattimeo looked at his father.

"Yeah, but not for the ones that were slain by the fox."

Mattimeo said sternly.

"I know, Matti, but please, never go out your way to get revenge, a true warrior would never do that."

Cornflower said strictly. This made Mattimeo a little agitated.

"I'm no longer a child, I can take care of myself."

Mattimeo said harshly. The mouse walked back to the gate house. Cornflower was going to chase after her son, but Matthias stopped her.

"Let him go, he must figure things for himself."

Matthias said to his wife with a paw gripping her shoulder.

"At least, the casualties were minor."

Jess reported.

"Righto, old girl. Mattimeo may be upset, but at least it wasn't somebeast like Matthias or Tess."

Basil added.

"It doesn't matter who was slain tonight. Everybeast here at Redwall is not expendable."

Matthias said sternly.

"Right you are, laddo. But Matti rarely knew those two mice, still it is sad to see two of our best fighters killed in their sleep."

Basil replied. The Redwallers went back inside, and they went back to bed.

Chapter 5

Mattimeo and Elmtail visited the cemetery. Mattimeo placed a paw on the mourning squirrel's shoulder.

"I can't believe that those two died in their sleep, I will find that fox and I will kill him."

Elmtail said vengefully.

"Elmtail, I know you're upset. But, never speak of revenge."

Mattimeo said sympathetic to Elmtail. Mattimeo left the squirrel alone. Elmtail looked over to the mouse walking back to the gate house.

"I am not you, Mattimeo. I am not you."

Elmtail mumbled to himself. The fire in the eyes of Elmtail burned passionately. He grabbed a bow, quiver of arrows, and a sword. The squirrel then headed out to kill Nikos.

That night, Matthias had a dream that Nikos would kill his loved ones. He saw Basil and Jess getting stabbed in the chest by Nikos and Vikk. The mouse tossed and turned. Then Nikos looked right into the mouse's eyes. This jolted Matthias out of his bed. Cornflower saw her husband in the fetal position.

"What's wrong, Matthias?"

Cornflower asked sincerely.

"Oh Cornflower, I had a terrible dream. Basil and Jess were killed by that grey fox and I was next."

Matthias explained.

"I know you're worried, but be strong, my love. Basil and Jess are our best fighters."

"Easy to be said than done, Basil is not as agile and Jess can't climb anymore. That's why, I am declaring they be put on full protection, night and day. I'll explain that to them in the morning."

Matthiss proposed. The two mice went back to sleep.

At St. Ninian's, Flugg and a team of 3 shrews snuck in the camp.

"All right, the main party is asleep, only leaving a skeleton crew. Gurn, I need you to take out those two rats over there. Bonbo, I need you to take out the weasel with the bow, and Leek, lead me to our captives."

Flugg commanded.


The sheds said softly, the rescue mission was in effect. Gurn quietly drew his rapier and thursted into a rat's back, kebabing the blighter, he then stabbed his second rat. He waved to Flugg to show that he was all done. Bonbo aimed his bow at the sentry bowbeast and took aim, the weaselcwas struck in the chest, killing him instantly. Finally, Leek lead Flugg to the captives. He whispered sharply to Byco.

"Psst! Psst! Byco, it's me Log-a-Log. We've come to rescue you."

"Thank the stars, Log-a-Log Flugg. I knew you'd rescue me, I just knew it."

Byco whispered happily.

"Shh, no time. I've come to get you out of here."

Flugg hushed as he broke the chain on the cage.

"C'mon, let's go, before they wake."

Flugg whispered. But it was already too late, Nikos and Vikk were standing in the way. Nikos tilted his head and smiled evilly. Flugg was dumbstruck, he thought that the vermin were asleep.

"But, but, but, but, I though you were asleep?"

Flugg stuttered.

"Oh I was, it's just that, well. I've been training my ears to listen to the quietest of noises, shrew. Put my prisoner back, or face my wrath."

Nikos laughed as he threatened the Guosim. This angered Flugg.

"And what if we refuse?"

Flugg questioned. Nikos smiled at his adversary.

"Then, you'll be breakfast for my wolverine."

Nikos answered.

"Hah, I've killed plenty of wolverines in my time, what makes this one so special?"

Flugg boasted.

"Your arrogance flatters me, shrew. But I trained this big guy to eat his opponents, cooked or raw. He uses his giant mace to pound the poor beast into a soft jelly, then if he is starving, he'll just eat you whole, but if Bloodteeth is patient enough, well you'll be a feast for him."

Nikos laughed.

"So you're saying you're wolverine's a cannibal?"

Flugg asked hesitantly.

"Yes, come with me."

Nikos said as he dragged Flugg by the scruff of his neck. The fox whistled which had awoken the beast.

"Wakey wakey, breakfast."

Nikos bellowed out. Bloodteeth did not like to be woken up, even if it was his master, Bloodteeth was a heavy sleeper, and he eased into his mornings. The wolverine grunted angerly, started shouting and growling and flinging spit everywhere.

"Bloody, I got some fresh shrew."

Nikos said in a singsong tone. Bloodteeth drooled profusely at the sight of Flugg. He began panting and slamming his fists into the ground. Nikos placed Flugg right up to the wolverine's snout. The wolverine took in a big smell before biting down.


That was the last sound Flugg made, before he was literal breakfast. Nikos slowly turned to Byco.

"Now, get back in your cage."

The grey fox demanded. However, Byco was dumbstruck to see such a creature receive a horrible fate. Byco slowly walked back to his cage. As the guards closed the door. Nikos walked up to the scarred shrew.

"Hmhmhm, now that's gotten your attention. You will do something for me, you will help me get into Redwall Abbey."

Nikos demanded Byco. Byco nodded in agreement, not because he wanted to, but he had to.

Later that morning, Matthias told Basil and Jess what needed to be done.

"I'm sorry you two, but, we need to do this, so if that fox comes and attacks us again. I can't let you two go out next."

Matthias explained.

"I get what your saying, Matthias. But, I'm getting old and shabby, if it's my time to go, then by jove it is my time to go."

Basil replied.

"I agree with Basil, Matthias. We are getting old, my son is the new champion climber and Cheek is the new scout. Basil and I are old news."

Jess added to the idea of protection.

"So, you're saying you don't need to be protected, that you can take care of yourselves?"

Matthias asked hesitantly.

"Yes, my dear boy. We will be fine, don'tcha know."

Basil chuckled.

"Even if it's our last days at Redwall, we will still live like kings and queens."

Jess said.

"I can't afford to lose you two, you guys are like family to me, I cannot allow you two to die, I'm sorry. But, you two will be placed on watch from sun up to sun down. No exceptions."

Matthias said sternfully. Basil and Jess stood slient as they watched their old friend walked back to Great Hall. Matthias kneeled by the tapistry of Martin.

"Oh Martin, they probably hate me, but it was for the best. If those two were killed: Cheek and our new fighters would be devastated, possibly go on a revenge streak. I can't allow that to happen."

Matthias said to the cloth.

Meanwhile in Mossflower Woods, Elmtail was tailing a random vermin. The rat was a skinny blighter. Wielding a trident. Elmtail snuck up behind the unsuspecting rat, paw gagged the vermin, and placed the blade of the sword at his throat.

"Where is your fox?"

Elmtail questioned.

"At St. Ninian's, please don't kill me."

The rat begged.

"It's too late for that."

Elmtail whispered before silencing his adversary. Elmtail threw the corpse in a ditch. He traveled the abandoned church.

At St. Ninians, Nikos, Vikk, and Gretcha all sat near a campfire, eating leftover stew for breakfast.

"I can't wait to see the looks of terror on their stupid faces."

Vikk laughed.

"Be patient, my dear friend. You will in time, you will in time."

Nikos replied.

"That shrew is my ace in the hole. Redwallers won't give a second glance at him, haha."

He added.

"Once, we're in, we can finally reak havoc upon them, they'll have two options slavery or death. But, Mattimeo and Matthias will have death, not a quick one. A slow one, hahaha. I'll make them regret the day they were even born."

Nikos laughed. Vikk and Gretcha laughed with him.

"It will be grand, eh Chief."

"It sure will, Vikk."

The vermin continued to eat.

Back at Redwall, Auma leaned over the front wall. Her paws crossed at her said with a cup of ice water on the ledge. Mattimeo joined his badger friend.

"Hello, Auma."

Mattimeo greeted.

"Oh hello, Matti. How are you?"

She asked.

"Oh I'm doing well, you?"

He replied then asked her.

"I'm fine, I can't seem to find Elmtail, anywhere, have you seem him?"

She asked.

"Not since last night, why?"

Mattimeo asked the concerned Badgermum.

"Because, I fear that he may have gone to kill the fox at St. Ninians."

Auma answered. This made Matti's eyes widen with shock.

"Oh no."

He whispered.

At St. Ninian's, Elmtail hide behind a bush. He carefully aimed his bow at Nikos. The squirrel took the shot, the arrow flew by and headed straight to Nikos's head, but as luck would not have it. Nikos caught the missle with his gloved paw. This dumbstruck the squirrel.

"Whoever did that will pay!"

Nikos shouted at the top of his lungs. The fox scanned around and he pointed to the bushes were Elmtail hid. Elmtail pickecup his bow, slung it around his shoulders and climbed the nearest tree.

"Find my bowbeast."

Nikos commanded two weasels.

"Yes, Chief."

They responded. The two wicked weasels wielding spears walked in the forest where Elmtail hid. Elmtail peered over a branch and he saw the unsuspecting vermin. The squirrel acrobatically maneuvered over to the two weasels, and he stabbed them both in the chest, shish kebabing them. Elmtail felt good about himself, he felt he could take on Nikos. The squirrel stepped out of hiding, and he pointed his sword at the fox.

"Prepare to die, fox. Your sins will be a great payment for the murders of my two comrades!"

Elmtail shouted. Nikos walked over to him, drew his blade, and smiled.

Chapter 6

Elmtail charged in at the fox, rushing blindly into a trap. Nikos smiles, placed his left paw behind his back, struck a pose and dodge the squirrel's charge as if it was nothing. He pointed his curved blade at Elmtail.

"You gotta do better than that, boy."

Nikos taunted. Elmtail rushed at him again, Nikos sidestepped and hit the squirrel on the back of the head with the hilt.

"You'll never beat me, with that attitude."

He laughed. This made Elmtail even more enraged. Elmtail rapidly swung his blade at Nikos, which the grey fox simply danced around the attacks.

"Stand still, vermin! Let me kill you!"

Elmtail shouted. Sweated beaded down from Elmtail's face and off his whiskers and nose. The squirrel panted sharply and heavily at his opponent. Much to his dismay, Nikos didn't even break a sweat. The smile of the golden fang appeared.

"My turn."

He whispered. In a flash, Nikos wiped the blood of Elmtail off his blade. The unfortunate squirrel had a gaping wound in his chest. The squirrel dropped his sword and stare down at the wound. He then looked up at Nikos. Nikos smiled and said.

"You lose."

This was the last thing Elmtail heard before finally expiring. Nikos kneeled over to the dead squirrel.

"You'll make a fine lunch for Bloodteeth."

Nikos laughed out.

"Take this squirrel to Bloodteeth. Tonight, Redwall will be mine. Hahahaha."

Nikos said as he laughed.

Meanwhile at Redwall, Mattimeo sheathed his sword and prepared to voyage to St. Ninian's. As he was walked out of the door. He was stopped by Tess.

"Where do you think you're going?"

Tess asked.

"I'm going to find Elmtail, I have a bad feeling that he may be in danger."

Mattimeo answered.

"I just hope I make it in time."

The young mouse warrior ran to the gates, and he sprinted towards St. Ninian's. In the Great Hall. Matthias and Cornflower sat with Cynthia and Rollo. The four ate a nice nettle green salad with tomatoes and onions. And both had cups of dandelion fizz.

"This is some good food."

Rollo said happily.

"Yes it is, Rollo."

Cynthia replied.

"Cynthia, I have a favor to ask of you."

Proposed Matthias.

"What is it?"

The young bankvole.

"You're one of Mattimeo's closest friends, I need you to keep an eye on him for me, I know he's doing his best to be a warrior, but I can still feel some revenge in his heart. Speaking of which where is he?"

He asked.

"Oh, Tess told me he was going to get Elmtail at St. Ninian's."

Cynthia told the concerned mouse father. Matthias knew something was up.

"I've got to find Matti, and save him!"

Matthias shouted.

"What do you mean?"

Cornflower asked concerned. Matthias ran out of the Great Hall, and to the main gates. The vetern mouse warrior ran to St. Ninian's.

On the journey to St. Ninian's, Mattimeo was stopped by his father.

"What, how'd you get here so fast?"

He confusely asked.

"Nevermind that, Matti, you need to come home, now."

Matthias whispered sharply.

"Why, father?"

Mattimeo asked.

"Because, Elmtail is dead. I felt it, as Martin spoke to me."

Explained Matthias.

"I'm sorry and for how I got here, I took a short cut. The evacuation tunnels."

Matthias said to his confused son, but Mattimeo was going to go to St. Ninians to see this through.

"Still stubborn as ever."

Matthias said to himself, walking back to Redwall. While, his son traveled to his destination.

That night, at St. Ninian's. Nikos unlocked the chains binding Bloodteeth and he looked down at Byco. The grey fox kneeled down to the shrew's level.

"Now listen shrew, be a good beast and get me inside Redwall or my pet will chomp you into two halves."

Nikos threatened and Byco's lip quivered.

"Yes sir."

The shrew stuttered. Nikos unlocked Byco's cage and the Guosim shrew lead the Reapers to Redwall.

"We'll hide in the shadows, once they open the gates for you, I want Vikk, and a few others to barge right in. Meanwhile, I and a few assassins will scale the back wall and take some kills with me. I want to kill that hare and his squirrel friend."

Nikos explained.

"Once, we're inside. We will use Bloodteeth for 'straggler control.'"

Nikos commanded. As the Reapers had made it to Redwall, Vikk and Byco walked up to the door. On the otherside, Nikos and 2 others climbed the back wall via grappling hooks. This time, they would not fail. As they reached the top. They killed the unsuspecting guards. Nikos carefully climbed down the ramparts ladder and down to the ground, he sneaked his way into Cavern Hole. In Cavern Hole, Basil was taking a midnight stroll, and following behind him were his guards. Basil looked upon the tapistry.

"Old Martin, how are you this night, eh wot?"

He asked the armored mouse on the cloth. He then heard the sounds of conflict. The hare picked up his cane as weapon and readied himself.

"Show yourself, you blooming blighter!"

Basil demanded. Stepping into view was Nikos. The fox smiled and wiped the blood off of his blades. Meanwhile at the front entrance a fieldmouse guard opened the gate and saw Byco.

"Hello, shrew. Come on in."

He said. Just as he was about to get Byco, Vikk barged in, knocking the mouse off of his footpaws and he bellowed out.

"We are in!"

Gretcha and the rest of the Reapers followed.

"Yes, now to find my husband."

She said to Vikk, meanwhile at Cavern Hole. Basil got into a battle stance.

"Get ready, blighter. Get ready to taste blood and vinegar!"

Basil shouted. However, Nikos just smiled and he readied himself for a fight.

Back at St. Ninian's, Mattimeo searched for Elmtail. Maybe his father was wrong, but then, he saw Elmtail's tail. The tail was chewed up and spat out. His friend was killed, his father was right. Mattimeo ran back to Redwall.

Back at Redwall, Matthias, Cornflower, Jess, Sam, Cheek, and Auma barricaded the dormitory.

"Protect the little ones!"

Shouted Matthias. Tess cradled Martin II, as they barricades themselves in the gate house. Tim, Cynthia, and Rollo hid in the Warbeak Loft, and they watched their home get infested with vermin.

Chapter 7

Nikos charged in at Basil, the fox swinging low at the hare. Fortunately, Basil took his cane and he smack the fox on the gloved paw. Nikos dropped his dirk, then sprung back before the hare could retaliate.

"I underestimated you, rabbit."

Nikos laughed.

"Well I was a Fur and Foot Border Patrol Soldier, wot wot!"

Bellowed out Basil.

"Well now. I guess I'll have to try harder."

Nikos responded in a sracastic tone. Nikos then grabbed his blade and he sprang out a Basil, attempting to stab him, but the hare had other plans. He punted the fox in the face with his cane. This enraged the fox, he couldn't make a mark on the old rabbit.

"What's the matter. Too slow to stab an old hare like meself? Haha!"

Basil taunted, as he taunted Nikos glared his fangs, but then his lips curled into a smile. The fox got up, stood up straight, placed his left paw behind his back, and pointed his weapon at Basil. Basil gripped on his cane and gritted his teeth. Nikos slowly walked up to Basil then he started to gain momentum, and finally he took a hard slash at Basil. The hare had blocked the attack, but his cane was severed in two. Nikos retaliated and swiped upwards at the hare, slashing his left eat. Basil winced at the pain, and he cupped his ear. The blood trickled down and soaked into Basil's coat. Nikos smiled at the sight of the wounded hare.

Meanwhile, Matthias, Cornflower, Jess, Sam, and Cheek picked up spears, staffs, and swords.

"Jess, Sam, grab that bench and placed it on the door. Cornflower, I need-!

Matthias was interrupted by the vermin finally baraging in, Vikk lead the attack on them. Matthias and his friends readied themselves, Vikk saw Matthias and he drew his cutlass, slashing at the mouse. Luckily, Matthias was ready and he parried the attack, the mouse slashed at the weasel captain, the mouse made a small cut on the weasel's left shoulder. But, this did not stop the vermin. Vikk kept slashing at Matthias, and Matthias kept blocking and parrying the slashes. Jess was using a staff to block the swings of a hatchet from a rat wearing armor.

"Is that all you got, vermin?"

She questioned. She then charged in the middle of the fray.

"Treetops and timber!"

She shouted. Jess was lost within the sea of vermin. Sam, was battling two vermin: a stoat and a ferret. The stoat wielded a mace, while the ferret wielded a double bladed axe. Sam was armed with a sword. The young squirrel Warrior acrobatically maneuvered past and through the vermin's attacks. Sam stabbed the stoat and he slashed the ferret's chest open. Killing them both in an instant. Cornflower and Cheek were backed in a corner. Armed with staffs. Cheek punted and knocked a vermin out cold with his staff whereas Cornflower swung and knocked out another few vermin. But, their wooden staffs would be no match for their knives, axes, swords, and cutlasses. A random rat swung his cutlass at Cheek, luckily, Cheek blocked the attack, but his staff was divided in two. Cheek then grabbed the cutlass, he wrestled the rat for it. Once, Cheek had a good grip on the hilt, he rammed the blade right into the vermin's stomach. Cheek was hacking and slashing his way through the mob.

"Stay behind me, Miss Cornflower!"

He shouted over the sounds of blades clashing and clinging. Matthias was still battling Vikk. Vikk ran up to the former warrior and downward slashed at the mouse. Matthias did not want to get slashed, so blocked the attack, causing Vikk to stumble back.

"You're pretty good, mouse. You're pretty good."

Vikk laughed.

"I have underestimated you, Matthias."

He added.

"But, your friend, the rabbit. Is going to die, hahahaha."

He taunted at Matthias. Matthias's eyes lit in anger, and he slashed at the weasel's swordpaw. Vikk doubled over in pain, and retreated.

"Get back here, coward!"

Matthias shouted as he ran at the weasel. Vikk sprinted as fast as he could, as he sprinted, he tripped himself and he tumbled down the flight of stairs to Cavern Hole. The weasel stumbled and ran for the exit of the building to the Abbey Courtyard. As he swung the doors open, Mattimeo was there and he rammed his sword right into the the vermin's stomach. The impaled weasel had the look of fear in his eyes as he saw Mattimeo the Warrior giving him an angry stare. Mattimeo retracted the blade from within the vermin and wiped the blood on the weasel's fur. Matthias ran down the stairs and saw his son.

"Thank Martin, you're alright."

He sighed in relief.

"Come on, we got to help Basil!"

He added.

In Great Hall, Basil dodged the fox's attacks, but dodging wouldn't help for much longer. The hare had to find a weak spot and attack. Basil began studying his enemy. Then he saw: as Nikos retracted, that would give Basil about 3 seconds to make his move, as the rabbit ran to the fox just as the fox was done attack, Basil jump up and he kicked the fox right in the head. Dazing the vermin. Nikos dropped his curved blade as he stumbled to get out of the daze. Basil then picked up the weapon and held it against Nikos's throat.

"You lose, wot wot!"

Basil chuckled out. Nikos began to sweat and pant.

"I guess you're right, hare. I do lose now, kill me."

He replied.

"No, fox. I will have you tried for the wickedness you have done to our beloved Abbey."

Basil proposed. The tall hare, place Nikos in a headlock. Nikos smiled devilishly.

"Well then, hare. You should have killed me right here and now!"

He snarled. The fox broke out of the hare's grip, snatched the blade and drove it right into Basil's chest. Basil made an expression of pain and shock. The grey fox twisted his face in an evil grimace. The fox delightfully glanced at his enemy.

"You lose, wot wot."

He mocked. Basil's face displayed pain and anger.


Basil chocked out. Nikos twisted the blade causing Basil even more pain.

"Oh sorry, did that hurt. Maybe this'll make it better!"

Nikos taunted. The fox twisted the blade again, he then pulled it out, wiped the blood on the hare's coat, and sheathed it. Basil gripped his chest tightly, as Basil collapsed to the floor he saw his enemy smiling, showing off his golden fang. Matthias and Mattimeo had made it to the Great Hall, but they were too late. Nikos stood over the rabbit's limp body laughing. Mattimeo began crying tears of rage and hatred and he charged in at the fox. Nikos decided it was time to retreat. So, he dashed for the window sill and made his escape. Matthias cradled Basil in his arms.


Basil choked out.

"Try not to talk, Basil."

He said tearful.

"Matthias, it's's time for me to see Constance... and... Martin."

He whispered to his lifelong friend. Basil then closed his eyes and finally died. Sam, Cheek, Cornflower, and miraculously Jess ran to Great Hall to see Matthias weeping over the loss of his friend. Everybeast who was a friend of Matthias began to sob and cry, but Cheek had the biggest emotion breakdown. Basil was his father, not biological but, his father non the less. The sobbing Otter kneeled down by his dead adoptive father.

"I shall bury him, Matthias."

He weeped out. The warriors of the Abbey buried their faces in their paws, mourning the loss of a valient comrade and lifelong friend.

"Let's... Let's bury our comrades and burn the vermins."

Matthias proposed as he choked on the words.

A massive funeral took place. Matthias, Mattimeo, Cheek, and Sam dug the graves for the comrades while. Foremole, and the others dug a pit fire and they tossed the vermin corpses in. The last vermin corpse to be roasted was Vikk. Foremole angerly looked at the fire of burning enemies and he spat into it.

"Thar's yer proper burial, scum!"

He shouted. Auma placed a paw on the steamed mole. The mole then began to cry, and the badgermum hugged him tightly. Matthias, Mattimeo, and the others placed roses on Basil's grave.

"Goodbye and goodnight forever, good old Basil Stag Hare."

Matthias sobbed quietly.

Chapter 8

Matthias sat next to Mattimeo in Cavern Hole, none of the dwellers felt like eating because of the deaths of many compatriots that lived there: Basil, Elmtail, and a few others. Tim wrote the names of the deceased in a large book. The Abbey Recorder quietly weeped, the tear drops staining the ink as he wrote the names down. All of the heroes at Redwall were depressed. Jess was in the infirmary getting stitches on her left arm, after the attack that took place last night. As the needle threated through her fur and skin, she didn't seem to mind, she displayed no emotions. The Infirmary Keeper, Brother Alfus was worried of Jess's reaction.

"Whatever you plan on doin', Miss Squirrel, don't."

He said.

"Basil, wouldn't want you to hold a grudge on the ones who had killed him."

"What do you know about Basil Stag Hare?!"

Jess shouted as tears welled up. This surprised Brother Alfus.

"I know you're upset, but Basil wouldn't want you to blindly rush into St. Ninians Church and kill the fox."

He explained.

"You never knew Basil like I did, he was my best friend. And that thieving fox took him from us. You were never here when Slagar took the children or when Cluny invaded us. You were never hear, so what gives you the right to think Basil wouldn't want me to avenge him?!"

Jess questioned as she sobbed loudly. Brother Alfus continued his work and smiled in a heartwarming way.

"Because, Basil and I go way back. When he was a young jumping jackrabbit in the Fur and Foot Patrol, I was just a weary traveller, living off the land a horde of rats came up to me and they took me prisoner. I was a prisoner for at least a season, when suddenly a hare wearing a gold and red came out of nowhere, and he beat those vermin silly, and freeing me. We then started a partnership between mouse and hare. I would provide food, and guidance, while he provided protection. We travelled around Mossflower taking in other beasts' culture, while fighting off vermin at the same time. After seasons upon seasons of travelling, Basil retired from his regiment and we went off on our seperate ways. He travelled to Redwall, I did my own thing. It wasn't until Matthias's son Mattimeo was kidnapped by a fox called Slagar, and I found out Basil was still alive. So I decided to travel to Redwall to see if the rumors were to be true, or not. It took me over 10 years to make it to Redwall, right when Matthias passed down the sword to Mattimeo. I was going to catch up with my old hare, but I was too nervous and he was always busy. But, it's too late now."

Alfus explained.

"Wow, I didn't know, I'm sorry."

Jess apologized.

"But, there is one thing, you didn't have to be nervous to greet him again, and he was never too busy to talk to an old friend such as yourself."

Jess explained.

"Yeah, I'm just antisocial, that's all."

Alfus confessed.

"Are we almost done?"

Jess asked.

"Almost, I just have to get one more stitch and there we go, let that heal. It'll take days to weeks for that to fully heal, no going on battles, doctor's orders."

Alfus told his patient. Jess gave out a small chuckle.

"Whatever you say, doc."

She laughed. She walked out of the infirmary and to Cavern Hole. She sat next to Matthias and Mattimeo.

"Basil is dead, but we at least killed one of that fox's weasel captains."

Matthias explained.

"Yeah, we took out a quarter of his vermin."

Sam reported.

"As I recall, I killed more than you, bushtail."

Cheek laughed, and Everybeast there gave him a dirty look.

"What, I'm just trying to lighten the mood. We can't let Basil's death get the better of us, that what he would want, right?"

Cheek asked. Matthias smiled at his otter friend.

"Cheek is right, Basil wouldn't want his death to get the better of us. He would want us to keep going strong, like we've always have."

Matthias said as tears ran down his cheeks and whiskers. Tess poured the heroes pints of strawberry cordial and they all sang.

"Oh, he may be dead but not forgotten

As a vermin took his life it was rotten

But it's plain to see

he was there for you and me

Oh he was there for you and me."

"To Basil."

Matthias toasted.

"To Basil!"

Everybeast shouted out as they clinged their cups together and took big gulps of the cordial. Eventually, the mood lightened up and all the beasts in Cavern Hole were singing and dancing, they did a little victory jig, this is what Basil would've wanted. But the celebration was short for the fact they still had enemy number one, Nikos.

Chapter 9

At St. Ninian's, Nikos sat on one of the pews inside. The fox twirled his dirk as he looked down at the ground.

"Vikk is dead, dead! Thanks to those Redwallers, graaah!"

Nikos growled as he threw his weapon at the wall. His vixen wife went to check up on him.

"Dear? Is everything alright?"

She asked. Nikos put his paws on his forehead.

"Those curs killed my friend. They killed Slagar, now they killed Vikk. They will pay, dearly. Mattimeo and Matthias will pay dearly, I will torture their loved ones, and make them beg for mercy. But mercy will not come. Especially for Cornflower and Tess. They will scream."

Nikos proposed as he clenched his teeth.

Meanwhile at Redwall, Byco sat in the fetal position at the back gate. Tess walked over to the cowering shrew.

"Is everything alright, sir?"

She asked with concern.

"No, it is not alright, Tess. I got Basil killed. I can't believe I helped him."

Byco said sobbing, Tess placed a warm paw on his shoulder.

"You didn't want to help that fox, you were forced to."

"I don't deserve to live, Tess."

"Don't say that, I'm sure Mattimeo and the other forgive you."

"Don't act surprised if they aren't. I was working under that fox's snout. I need to be put down."

Byco said as he left Tess in shock and confusion. On the wall's ramparts, Mattimeo and Cheek looked at the passing clouds.

"Basil sure did love to watch the clouds roll by."

Cheek said.

"He sure did, Cheek. If he wasn't eating or fighting. He would come up here and watch the day to by."

Mattimeo replied.

"Now, he will be missed."

Cheek nodded in agreement. They saw Auma wrestling the big dumb wolverine. Bloodteeh was chained up and bound to the wall. One of the mole dibbuns taunted the big scary beast.

"Rrr, not so big and scary are ye?"

He taunted. This made Auma somewhat upset.

"Go back to the Abbey, little one. This creature is very dangerous."

She told him. The little one did as he was bid. Cheek decided to get a closer look at the wolverine.

"Auma, how are you?"

Cheek happily greeted. Auma saw the flamboyant otter approaching her.

"Cheek, stay back. This wolverine may be dumb but he has the strength of 10 beasts."

She told him.

"That's the problem, he doesn't have any intelligence."

He boasted.

At the Church, Gretcha introduced a new comrade to the Reapers.

"Dear, this is Whitehart the Assassin."

Gretcha annouced to Nikos. Whitehart was a jet black furred stoat. Even the clothes he wore were black and grey. He wore a grey hooded cloak, a black tunic, and had an adder belt dyed black. Nikos smiled at the stoat.

"Pray tell me, why do they call you Whitehart?"

He asked. Whitehart threw his cape in the wind.

"Because, my liege. I am as fast as the flashing color of white. You never see me coming."

He replied.

"I heard you have a problem with those Redwallers. I can help you: infiltration, assassination, and torture are my specialities."

Whitehart announced. This brought a joyful smile upon Nikos's face.

"Alright, stoat. You're hired. Here's what I want to you to do."

He told the black furred creature.

At Cavern Hole, Jess and Matthias sat at one of the tables. Jess stared at her stitched wound.

"How's your arm, Jess?"

Matthias asked.

"Still sore, but I will still manage."

Jess responded.

"We need to devise a plan, Matthias."

" I agree with you, Jess. We need to strike back at them, bur how."

"Well, I heard that Auma has that wolverine held hostage outside the walls. Maybe we can use him?"

She proposed.

"That's hard to say because, that wolverine will try to bite anybeast that isn't his master."

Matthias told her.

"That thing's stubborn, speaking of stubborn, where is Mattimeo?"

He asked.

"Mattimeo, is with Cheek and Sam."

Jess answered.

At the front gates of Redwall, Mattimeo, Cheek, and Sam geared up for a reconnaissance mission. Cheek sheathed a dagger, Sam slung a bow around his shoulders, and Mattimeo sheathed his sword. The trio opened the gates and they headed to St. Ninian's Church. On the way there, in the treetops, Whitehart spied on the unsuspecting heroes.

Back at Redwall, Tess, Jubiliation, and Tim discussed the threat.

"We need to strike, now!"

Jube exclaimed.

"I know you are eager to kick vermin butt, but we need to devise a plan. Blindly attack won't do use any good."

Tim explained.

"Mattimeo, and a few others are going on a reconnaissance mission, they'll learn more about the enemy."

Tess said as she tapped her paws on the table. Tim looked down at the book he was writing in.

"I have a feeling only, Mattimeo can defeat the fox."

"What makes you say that?"

Tess asked.

"I don't know, I guess it's just a gut feeling, or something even more."

Tim explained as he pressed the quill pen to the paper.

"Martin, perhaps?"

Jube asked.

"Maybe, Jube, maybe."

Tim fanned the ink to let it dry. The three walked to the Abbey courtyard, and up to the ramparts and saw Matti, Sam, and Cheek walking to St. Ninian's.

Chapter 10

As the three walked to St. Ninian's Church, a random knife was thrown at the treetops, it hit Cheek right in the left footpaw, Whitehart smiled at his downed foe. Mattimeo drew his sword as Sam readied his bow. As the wind rustled, Whitehart leapt to another tree. The stoat was quick as lightning. Cheek was in bad shape, the throwing knife severed the otter's artery, the poor animal yelled in pain.

"Sam, get Cheek back to the Abbey, I'll deal with this!"

Mattimeo ordered.

"Matti, you're gonna need my help, besides I'm the best climber."

"No time, Sam. Get him back to safety!"

Mattimeo yelled. Sam nodded and he carries the bleeding out otter back to the Abbey. Mattimeo searched the treetops to find the enemy stoat.

"Where are you, you cowardly vermin?!"

The mouse warrior shouted, as he did another throwing knife was projected at him. Luckily, it didn't hit Mattimeo in the footpaw. In landed right next to nis footpaw. Matti picked up the knife and threw it back to where it been thrown to. Mattimeo saw a shadowy figure climb down the trunk of the tree and he sprinted madly deep into the forest. Mattimeo gave chase, holding his sword in both paws as he pursued his enemy. Whitehart ran as fast as he could, he leapt, rolled, and slide throught the forest to keep away from Mattimeo, but the mouse was persistent. He was going to catch up to the jet black stoat one way or another. Whitehart suddenly "vanished" in front of the mouse's eyes.

"Where are you, stoat!?"

Mattimeo yelled. Behind an old black bark tree, Whitehart carefully drew a red bladed dagger, dyed from the enemies he had slain. He waited for Mattimeo to get closer, and then he made his move. Unfortunately for him, Mattimeo was in "ready for anything" mode. The mouse blocked Whitehart's thrust and he parried it. Whitehart pointed his dark red dagger at Mattimeo's face. Mattimeo bared his teeth and pointed his sword right back at the enemy.

"My my, aren't we the determined one?"

Whitehart jokingly asked.

"Who are you, stoat?"

Mattimeo questioned.

"I am, Whitehart the Assassin. And you are a target for my employer."

Whitehart answered.

"Did the fox send you?"

"Lord Nikos, yes he did he said he would pay me in riches if I succeeded in either capturing or killing you. I chose the latter. I find killing to be an art."

Whitehart laughed, as he laughed Mattimeo got even more angry.

"You're a sick and twisted beast!"

Mattimeo shouted.

"Oh am I? Take a good look at yourself, mouse. You kill and you feel no remorse."

Whitehart taunted.

"I don't feel bad about killing vermin like YOU!"

Mattimeo responded.

"Enough talk, let's kill each other!"

Whitehart snarled.


Mattimeo shouted at the top of his lungs. The pair lunged at each other, both simultaneously clashed blades together. Some of the dried blood on Whitehart's blade chipped off, revealing a rusty blade.

"That's what you get for not properly taking care of your weapon, stoat."

Mattimeo laughed.

"Oh, yeah. This blade has killed many beasts, before you were born!"

Whitehart replied. The two continued their fight, Mattimeo ducked and slashed at Whitehart, Whitehart danced around the slashes and attempted to skewer Mattimeo with his rusty dagger. Mattimeo blocked the attack from the tainted weapon. Mattimeo knew that if he were to hack and slash at the rusty weapon, he'd have the stoat on the ropes.

At the gates of Redwall, Tim and a few other beasts saw Sam carrying an injured Cheek, they had lead a trail of blood.

"Tim, anybeast, open the gates! NOW!"

Sam demanded as his otter friend had gotten pale in the face. The Abbey's recorder did not hesitate and he swiftly slide down the ramparts ladder and swung open the gates. Auma, Tess, and Cynthia rushed to the courtyard.

"We need to get him to the infirmary, now!"

Sam ordered. Auma and Tess came back with a gurney and they carried him to the infirmary. Cheek moaned in pain as Brother Alfus sewed the wound on his footpaw.

"Sam, I need you to get me some healing herbs! Cynthia bring me that roll of bandages! Auma, hold him steady!"

Brother Alfus ordered.

"This beast is on the verge of death!"

He exclaimed. Cheek's face became even more pale and his eyelids became heavy, Auma slapped the Otter in the face to prevent him from passing out, passing out meant death in his condition.

"C'mon, otter. Don't die on us!"

Auma screamed.

"It'''s okay, Auma, it's okay."

Cheek wheezed.

"No it's not! Sam where are those herbs?!"

Brother Alfus shouted.

"Right here, Brother."

"Good, now apply it to his wound."

Brother Alfus demanded. Without any hesitation, Sam applied the grass, leaves, and other herbal remedies to the gapping wound on Cheek's left footpaw. After Brother Alfus applied the last stitch, Cynthia wrapped and bound the wound. But, It was too late, Cheek expired on the operating table. Auma cheeked the otter's pulse. Her eyes welled up with tears, as she slowly looked up to the Redwallers.

"He's no longer with us, he's dead. Cheek has gone to the Great Forest with Basil, he will never feel pain again."

She sobbed. Cynthia and Tess began to cry and Sam clenched his paws into fists.

"That fox will dearly pay for this!"

Sam begrudgingly proposed. Sam stormed out of the Infirmary and returned to Mattimeo and Whitehart.

Mattimeo and Whitehart continued their battle, however Mattimeo had gotten the upperpaw and he broke the dagger in two. Whitehart displayed a look of shock and anger and he took off sprinting. Mattimeo chased his foe once again, but this time, he had him. Matti slashed at Whithart's heels, severing the stoat's tendons. The stoat attempted to crawl to safety but Mattimeo dragged his foe. The mouse placed a footpaw on the stoat's chest and point the sword at his downed enemy.

"You have to understand: this is just a job."

Whitehart explained. A moment of silence broken upon the two foes, and Sam ran to Mattimeo.

"How's Cheek, Sam?"

Mattimeo asked.


Sam choked. Mattimeo's eyes started to glowed red, he brought up his sword and slashed it downwards. Sam watched in horror as Mattimeo was taken over by the bloodwrath. Blood splattered in all directions and it splashed on Mattimeo. Sam grabbed the blood drunk mouse and tackled him to the ground, Mattimeo's breath was labored. The two glanced at the dead stoat to see his face twisted in horror.

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