Book 1:The Warlord Emerges

Chapter 1

Mustclaw the minklord finished devouring a leisurely meal of smoked herrings with new damson wine to drink. He signaled his henchstoat Ironfang to his side. "Hey, Ironfang, get my horde up and runnin! They're getting too lazy lying around these caves. Wake up that dozy mink who calls himself my son. You heard me! Get movin'!" After Ironfang left, he leaned back in a makeshift throne and smirked. Only the day before, his scouts had reported that there was a tribe of shrews that had an ample supply of longboats and young offspring that could do as rowers. Mustclaw cackled. "Hahaha!Guerilla Union of Shrews in Mossflower,hahaha!"

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