Dandin the Swordcarrier and Mariel Gullwhacker gazed lovingly at the newborn mouselet that Mariel had given birth early in the morning. Joseph the Bellmaker chuckled as the mousebabe gurgled, tugging his beard.Just then, a crowd of Dibbuns busted open the door and rushed in, crying, "We wanta play with the babbie, please, Miriel!" Dandin chuckled. "He isn't old enough to play with you yet, but maybe in a few seasons."Dandin drew his dagger from his belt, and tickled his son with it. The mousebabe growled and tugged the handle weakly. Dandin was about to let the weapon go when Mariel snatched it from him, crying, "He's not old enough for that! Do you know what could happen to him, he could-" The voice of Abbot Saxtus interrupted her. "Mariel, Dandin, it's time for the naming ceremony! Don't forget the babe!" Dandin smiled at the joke. Carefully, he picked up the babe, and walked cautiously towards Great Hall. Dandin swung the mousebabe up and down, cooing softly, "You're going to be a warrior when you grow up, aren't you, son-hey, where's my dagger?" Dandin felt around in his pockets, finally noticing that the babe was snoring softly, the dagger clasped in his paw.

There was a great feast to celebrate the birth of the son of the warriors. There was a great variety of trifles, crumbles,cordials,ales, pies,wines, farls, salads, and many other items of food and drink. Abbot Saxtus tinkled his bell. "I'm sorry to interrupt the feasting, but I must ask that we start the ceremony. Dandin, Mariel, stand up, please." Dandin and Mariel stood up with their sleeping baby. The birthsong was sung by a pretty mousemaid called Ivy, and then Dandin took the floor. "Mariel,Joseph, and I have decided to combine Mariel and my names. The babe shall be called Darinel." Amid applause and cheers, "Durry Quill, the cellarhog of Redwall, stood up, raising a flagon of October Ale. "A toast to our newest Redwaller, Darinel!" The toast was drunk and the feasting continued late into the night. During all this,the new-named Darinel slumbered peacefully. Suddenly, he growled and clapsed the dagger more tightly. Mariel shushed him and creeped up to her room. With out knowing, Dandin was actually right. The young one was going to become a warrior, sooner than anyone thought.

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