Macrodin had changed his plans. Instead of venturing deeper into Mossflower, he had decided to turn west toward the mountain he had seen in the distance. "But chief,that mountin is ruled by this big badger called Rawnblade, who has this big army of rabbits th-aaargh!" The ferret Ditchback, who had made this complaint, had time for only one short scream as Macrodin ran him through. Beheading the dead weasel, he then added the eyes to the other four eyes on the gory necklace. Macrodin glanced impassively at Ditchback's carcass before saying, "Any other cowards can join Ditchback. Set up camp, we march to the mountain at dawn!"

The dibbun badger Bawson Brock was off to find his father. Tired of his mother's rules about what he should and shouldn't do, he had decided to leave home and visit the mountain of Salamandastron, where his mother said his father, Rawnblade Widestripe, lived. Leaving home with a bag full of stolen food, Bawson had meandered aimlessly, hoping that he was going in the direction where the mountain was located. Fortunately,he was going in the right direction. Unfortunately, he walked straight into a group of Skullcarvers sent out to forage. Bawson was captured.

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