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    Redwall's future

    May 15, 2010 by MyOpinion:

    Essay:Redwall's future


    Many of you may have been asking yourselves this question: Is there any evolution in the Redwall series? Rather not. From the earliest book, to the latest, the primary weaponry (e.g.) consists of blade weapons, BowAndArrow- weapons, and slings. The farthest they technologically made it, was an oversized prototype of a crossbow.

    So, what do we conclude of that? Middle Ages, perhaps? Not even that is certain! The Long Patrol, to give an example, seems to be stuck in the modern era (Renaissance to/or Napoleonic; In the end, it depends on the in-book descripions and the illustrators lol). Sure, they have sabres, and fancy uniforms. Yeah, that's it. Strange, that not many others ever brought it to that cultural stageā€¦

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