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  • Neildown

    Yes, this is sort of the exact opposite of Hyena42's Warlord Guide. So, credit goes to him.

    It is clear that in every book, no matter how massive the force, Redwall Abbey never falls, and if it does it is for no more than a few days. However, the good side never comes away without some casualties; and that is the biggest reason for this blog. The abbey could do some small things to prevent death within its ranks.

    Usually, the abbey is warned before any significant attack ensues. However, vermin will [at least they should] eventually realize that a blitzkrieg [lightning/fast attack] is the most effective way to storm an abbey, and so there are things that must be taken care of at once, before and during this event.


    1:Always have a qu…

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  • Neildown

    Similarities of Martin

    August 19, 2009 by Neildown

    I noticed some similarities between Martin and these people.

    • Between St. Martin de Porres & Martin The Warrior:

    St. Martin de Porres is said to have been friends with St. John de Massias [sound familiar?] and St. Rose of Lima.

    • Between St. Sebastian & Martin The Warrior:

    Martin The Warrior was tied between two posts and left to be killed by the birds in Martin the Warrior (book). St. Sebastian was bound to a tree [much like a post] and, after being shot with arrows, was left for dead. But both of them survived afterward and escaped by the means of someone else; Martin The Warrior by Laterose, Brome, Felldoh, and Grumm Trencher, St. Sebastian by a compassionate older woman.

    • Between St. Michael & Martin The Warrior:

    Both have appeared in visions to w…

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