Nightpaw Streamspliter

aka Nightpaw Streamsplitter

  • I live in Deep in Mossflower woods close to The River moss
  • I was born on November 12
  • My occupation is Stealth Expert
  • I am Male
  • Nightpaw Streamspliter

    This is my blog I will not start until I get some more Ideas.This blog is dedicated to the following-Rorc(I haven't read alot of your fan fic but from what I have read its awesome!)Laria (your fan fic IS the best and I hope you do more,and also for being a good friend from the beginning)Sister armel(your fan fic is good too I see there is not a whole lot done yet but it has potential)Brokkers(AKA:Rose)(you have been a good very good freind to me I have not read your fan fic yet but I might)and Finally Neildown(Thanks for helping me around the wiki and thanks for the pic!)ok this blog is open feel free to comment and rate!enjoy happy Reading!Cya!

    Trees were flying; or so it seemed to the middle aged otter maid.

    "There she goes mates, git 'er"…

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