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aka Hazel Harvest

  • I live in Ponyville, Equestria
  • I was born on July 16
  • My occupation is Working in Ponyville as a writer, gaming, having fun, Mane Care and Wing Preening.
  • I am Chilling in my Ponyville Crib
  • Nikolai Banks

    A Fanfic crossover of Redwall/The Police Academy, I am working on. Hope you all enjoy it :)

    Very upbeat music begins to play as the title comes up, saying "Long Patrol Academy 1: Redwall" as the upbeat Police Academy begins to play. showing Mossflower Woods by a birds eye view, slowly going towards the river till Redwall Abbey is in sight.

    Two officers walk into Mossflower and towards Redwall, one officer was a mouse while the other was a fox, the fox looked to the mouse. "PROCTOR.....hurry up or I come down and drag your sorry tail to our new precinct, do you understand me!?" The fox glared at Officer Lt Proctor.

    Proctor looked to the fox and smiles. "Oh golly sir, do we really have to be there in time for Abbot Mordalfus's feast, it won't s…

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  • Nikolai Banks

    I am going to be working on some new fanfics, so keep an eye out for updates of new ideas for any future fanfics I do on here.

    UPDATE: So for returning to RW story writing, I will or might be doing a My Little Pony/Redwall Crossover sometime in the future, when exactly is uncertain at the moment, but I will keep y'all updated, when I decide when to start working on the story. Any questions, ask in the comments. Nikolai Banks (talk) 02:09, May 28, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Nikolai Banks

    For you Brian Jacques

    Note from Niko:Please do comment it may not be VF's or anyone elses tribute but I know this is a great tribute song blog that I made to honor Brian Jacquse.

    I have made this blog with every character I know in it singing the song. "Everybody Hurts" I hope you my fellow Redwall fans like it. A Song Staring all of my favorite Redwall Characters singing the song Everybody Hurts composed by Bill Berry I made this for the passing of Brian Jacquse. On February 05, 2011 Brian Jacquse died of a heart attack

    Rose stands on a stage looking out at a field fulled of Redwall fans. Hello all and thanks for coming we the characters of Redwall will sing this song for our auther Brian Jacquse to show our respect to him and we will miss yo…

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