• Nitram the Warrior

    The darkness of the night enveloped the abbey of Redwall. A squirrel in her primes sat in a cozy armchair. This squirrel was Songbreeze Swifteye, the not so young yet not so old Abbes of Redwall abbey. She was usually a cheerful and energetic beast, even at night. However this time she laid reserved in her abbess study. She was spacing out, paw on her chin, pondering and groping through her mind, in search for some bygone thought. A pounding on the door pulled her out of the reverie.

    "Come in!" She said, as she shook off the drowsiness.

    A young mouse, dressed in night gown and hat, came in and scampered near the abbess.

    The Abbess scolded the young mouse, thought her sweet voice hid any reprimand “Dropple, you young rip, wot are you doing u…

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  • Nitram the Warrior


    The South of Mossflower has been a place of evil for so long. Once there use to be a kingdom under the ground being constructed by slavery. Not so long ago The Kingdom was destroyed, it's inhabitants killed, and it's slaves freed. This was possible thanks to the efforts of the Woodlanders from Redwall Abbey and their comrades. Now the kingdom, once know as Malkariss, laid in wasted near the green desert. Many of the freed slaves just want to forget this place ever existed. Who in their right mind, may you ask, would take the perilous road towards this ruins. Two such creatures are doing this as I narrate.

    "are we there yet, mum?" The little fox asked
    The Older fox, by the name of Lenna, replied patiently, a finger across her mouth. "…

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