• Nix Collins

    The Legend of Niko

    March 13, 2015 by Nix Collins

    Chapter 1 Beginnings

    Niko wasn't a beast who just sat down and did nothing when it mattered. Niko was a beast with a world in front of him and 100% nothing standing in his way of pursuing his goals. You see, Niko is an otter with a dream, a dream which makes him wonder what's out there in the world. Ever since he was small, living on Green Isle under the care of Queen Tiria Wildlough, Niko dreamed of taking to the seas and heading east to Mossflower Country where he'd hope to see Redwall Abbey. Niko Wildlough, which the other clans gave him because he lived pretty much with Tiria, had her adventurous spirit and her wit and wasn't too bad with a sling, dagger, or sword either.

    But the one weapon he favored was a scythe he called Reaper. It wa…

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