• Opposite Spectrum Team

    From the writings of Lieutenant Caruthers, Laird of Bowlaynee and Historian of Salamandastron
    I must say, there are some very strange things going on in Mossflower Country and beyond. First off, this bizarre foreigner fox named Ejaxk has visited us. The oddest thing about him is that he seems good natured, and not a traitor or thief like most other foxes. He also carries some weapons on him that nobody in all of Salamandastron or Redwall have ever seen before. He says that he comes from Yoruto Island, and that he had escaped when an evil warlord enslaved him and all of his people. I hope this warlord he talks about doesn’t come here, or we could be enslaved! When this Ejaxk arrived on the Salamandastron coast, he engaged in combat with my s…

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