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This is a fan fiction story by Ox Rookbane. It is not considered canon, nor is it a policy or guideline.
Note: Since this will have story in it to develop it, and reflect back on a canon character, I guess you could say this is Fan Fiction/Essay...
Disclaimer: All of this is in good fun, and not to hurt the feelings of any candidate for the current U.S Election. This new candidate is also non-existent (sorry about that one). I will try to respect your opinions on the elections. :)


"Sah, a message f'ya!"
A hare came pounding up to the Lord's bedchamber, shouting along his message. The current badger lord sighed and turned away from his work to greet the hare. The voice was indeed familiar, and he couldn't help but smile as the hare came closer and closer. Eventually, he arrived, panting and gasping for air. Holding his arm out, he showed the message in a neat envelope. "Message f'ya, sah!"
He gave a quick salute once he handed off the letter, and turned to go back to whatever he was-"Wouldn't you want to know what it's about?"
The big badger smiled softly, and the hare turned around almost instantly to the question. "Oh boy, would I! May I, sah?"
The badger nodded. "If it was something near devastating, I wouldn't think they would put it in such a fancy envelope with a smiley face on it."
The young hare sat upon the badger's lap and got cozy as he opened the envelope and took out the letter. Unfolding it and skimming it, his eyes grew big in shock and his heart skipped a beat. The hare noticed and wiggled with anticipation, wanting to know about it. "Sah, what is it?! Somethin' amazin'?!"
The badger cleared his throat and pat the hare on the shoulder with his massive paw. "From a quick skimming, it may seem exciting! Shall I read it, or would you fancy trying?"
The young hare lit up and nodded. Being young still, he would be learning about the lifestyle of Salamandastron and the basics. Unfortunately for him, he had been further behind the others and needed more work. He was always willing to learn, and with the assistance of the badger Lord, he was more than excited to do so. Peaking at the letter, he cleared his throat (in an adorable manner), and began to read.
"'Dear M R Highpeak'-"
"Did you know that M R stands for 'Mister'? When you see MR followed by a name, you would say, 'Mister Highpeak'."
"I didn't know that! Cool!"
The hare squirmed a bit on Mandoral's lap to get comfy and continued to read aloud..
Dear Mister Highspeak
I am writing to inform you that you have been selected to be a third-party candidate for the United States Election of the year 2016. As our citizens have asked for a new third-party candidate, we would like you to run for office.
We've noticed you're a highly scholar badger Lord of your office, Salamandastron, and we thought it would also be great if you were to run for our office as President, also. We promise that it won't interfere with...

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