Pinedance Coneslinger

aka Sarah

  • I live in Utah
  • My occupation is Actress/Artist/Writer/Student
  • I am Female
  • Pinedance Coneslinger

    If you have an art request put it on this page, but follow the rules, please. ;)

    1.) Make a heading saying either the name of the character you want drawn or your user name.

    2.) Fill out the list.

    3.) Let me know if there's a specific time you want it done. If one is to be done earlier than another, I'll put off one in favor of the picture that should be finished first.

    4.) Leave your signature so I can contact you when it's done or if I need more information.

    Styles and time

    The style I use most often is (obviously) my own. This is a mixture of the Redwall TV show style, various other artists I admire (such as Sean Rubin, cybercatmia, etc.), and a touch of realism. This takes about 15 minutes to sketch just a basic character and several hours t…

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  • Pinedance Coneslinger

    We wait impatiently for that mousethief to make his appearance. He should have been here hours ago! Does he think he loiter about Kotir all day? If he does not hurry, we'll have to go and try to help him escape another time. We are too exposed here; if any of Kotir's soldiers look about carefully, they'll see us without a doubt.

    I shift impatiently, stroking the smooth wood of my bow, longing to shoot at something. Anything rather than this endless waiting.

    My ears pick up outraged and startled cries along with the shattering and clunking of dishes. Tsarmina's voice sounds out in fury. "Stop those mice! Kill them!"

    Our mousethief was making his escape at last and leaving with a flare. Apparently he was not alone.


    All of us squi…

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  • Pinedance Coneslinger

    The sunrise that morning was beautiful. Shades of pink, peach, silver, lemon, emerald, lavender, and turquoise painted the sky. A massive, red sandstone Abbey turned rose in the soft light. The trees around it danced in the wind and leaves whispered quietly to brightly colored flowers.

    Oblivious to the beauty outside, the Abbeybeasts slumbered peacefully. Well, almost all. Two Dibbuns sneaked out of their beds. They slipped silently out into the hallway. Then they turned and walked towards one of the other rooms. One, a squirrelmaid named Sarobando, whispered to the otter, whose name was Bragoon. "H'I'll get 'em, you keep watch."

    Bragoon complained. "Why does H'I alerways have ter keep watch?"

    Sarobando, or Saro as she liked to be called, smi…

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