Greetings, foreigner

If you have an art request put it on this page, but follow the rules, please. ;)

1.) Make a heading saying either the name of the character you want drawn or your user name.

2.) Fill out the list.

3.) Let me know if there's a specific time you want it done. If one is to be done earlier than another, I'll put off one in favor of the picture that should be finished first.

4.) Leave your signature so I can contact you when it's done or if I need more information.

Styles and time

The style I use most often is (obviously) my own. This is a mixture of the Redwall TV show style, various other artists I admire (such as Sean Rubin, cybercatmia, etc.), and a touch of realism. This takes about 15 minutes to sketch just a basic character and several hours to complete if I'm not being lazy.

I also can do just pure Redwall TV show style. This takes only 10 minutes to sketch and about an hour to complete.

Another style that I hardly ever use is very realistic. This takes about an hour/forty-five minutes to sketch and several hours to complete.

The List

Please fill this out.







Fur color:

Eye color:

Specific facial features (slanted eyebrows, small nose, scars, etc.):


Fabric of clothing:




Any distinguishing features(no paw, shorter than usual tail, scars, etc.):



Background(If you want one, please be very detailed about it. Don't go, "A forest," or "The ocean". What kind of trees? What's the undergrowth? Can you see the sky through the leaves? Is it night or day? What's the weather? Is the sea calm or wild? You get the picture.):


Full color or black and white:

Anything else:

Specific time you want it done:

PUH-lease be very detailed. The more detailed you are, the better I can make the picture.

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