• Pinya of The Long Patrol

    Ships sat lifelessly on the ocean; it still without a disturbance. Below the ships' decks, all life either sleep or in the the chamber of Aerona the Slaughter. This stoat beautiful had the beauty of a otter gal but the mind of a man beast.

    Aerona used her mind to get her desire; a fortress. She had a large gang of vermin, whom was all under her order. 'Magic' was also a weapon used to her, plus a large pitchfork with three tips. A badger medallion hung around her neck, heavy and shinning. Several ear rings sat in her ears, making them droop a bit. Bracelets clanked on her wrist, wide and open. But the only thing the could be seen in the darkness was her villainous violet eyes. Aerona spoke with cruelness added to it, giving it a deathly ton…

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