• Pirate Vixen 101

    Walls of Death

    February 2, 2010 by Pirate Vixen 101

    Redwall Abbey was quiet; very unusual for it to be mid-afternoon. The breeze was cool and swift, gently blowing the blades of grass and sending ripples through the pond. A gust came in a sudden; sending a snow white apron flying in the wind. The clothes looked like a cloud that came from the sky, it resting upon the ground. A golden brown mousemaid came and plucked it off the ground and started to retie it around her waist.

    "You have to keep that apron with you Caria. You loose it, you won't get other from me again." a middle aged squirrel came to Caria, waving a ladle in her paw. "Now go and find Brother Porteur and serve him is tea. This will warm him up a bit, since he's caught a small autumn cold."

    Caria took the tray of warm goods from …

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  • Pirate Vixen 101

    (Hey ppl! First fan fiction; so go easy on me. Now, on with chapter one!)

    The Castle of Flagal stood proudly on the edge of its island, waves bounding, reaching up and falling into the side of the tall cliff. The window of the mess hall faced east, to the wildly rolling ocean; while the window balcony of the high and mighty King had a full view. The outer wall held the court yard and below the court, deep in earth, were the dark and gloomy cells; homes to prisoners. Grolwen looked out to the place he knew as home: the sea; jet black eyes were fullyalert, but they shown that the rat was clearly drunk.

    He tottered over to the stairway, that lead down into the loud and busy mess hall. Vermin were either sat at the large oak tables fulling there…

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