• Plugg firetail

    Strife ShadowBrush was unlike other foxes. Aside from the fact that he was pure black with a silver tipped brush, he also didn't consider himself to be a vermin. This was because of the fact that when he was a wee pup, he was found and was taken in by the kind woodlanders creatures of Redwall Abbey. although at first the redwallers didn't trust him, he was gradually accepted due to his fast growth as a kind woodland creature. But then, a great siege was set upon Redwall by the great Wildcat Panthera Hellclaw. The kind cellarhog of Redwall Trundle SpikeBarrel, told strife to run away from Redwall so that he could save himself. he told strife to go to the great fire mountain known as Salamandastron. Strife was about to ask the hedgehog where…

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