The Taggerung, The Taggerung

Sadly this song is sung,

Death and Plunder,

All and sunder,

Above and under,

Before the bell is rung!

General View

Oh for Rillflag,

Oh for Deyna,

Oh for those

who’ve died!


Deyna, oh my Deyna,

For years at night I’ve cried!

Deyna, Deyna,

Might you have survived!


Brother, dear Brother,

You can’t be found

Though we’ve tried.

That decided morn’

That fate came ‘round,

Please come back homeward bound!

Sawney Rath

Follow my son

And you shall see

That with me

The battle is won!

The Taggerung,

Yes! The Taggerung!

With war the Juskarath

Are done!

With rising of the sun,

The Juska song was sung,

Towards the dawn we marched,

‘till upon the river bank perched,

The lone otter, child in paw.

An arrow and he was ours!

Off we went, to escape sent,

Upon our task hellbent!

As time went on

His skills increased,

Through the years I raised him,

I his father, he my son.

But as time went on he began to see,

He was not like me!

Restless he became,

Skilled with the knife,

But not in death

The Taggerung ran,

Ha! I laugh at the name!

Taggerung! First my father,

Now a weasel of the water!

The title of Taggerung,

Mine by right!

Upon my soul, I swear it so!

The Taggerung shall die!


The Taggerung, an otter! Preposterous!

My son shall hold the title,

The whining little wretch!

Through him I’ll grow to power,

By death or life

It matters not!

He down below, my soul has bought.

First Sawney down,

The otter whom holds the knife is next!

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