• Princeofmousethiefs18

    Synopsis: (People can change this as they go...)

    It's been a few seasons after the defeat of Tsarmina, Queen of the Thousand Eyes, and there has been an era of peace in Mossflower Country. However, a dark shadow has emerged from the east. The wayward son of Gingivere, Kidos Chur, has decided to embrace his family's conquering ambitions and cruelty. For the creatures in Mossflower, this could not come at a worse time. The construction of Redwall is still underway, and there are few who can be counted on to fight. Yet, in this time of great need, a hero will rise in the unlikeliest of creatures: Duerthy Mole, the youngest daughter of Foremole. Can she stop this new tyrant? Or will Mossflower Country fall to Kidos the Conqueror?

    Wiser th…

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