• Princess Raina

    Gael Squirrelking sat at a big table with his wife Queen Serena and his adopted children, Benjy, Wincey,Figgs, and Raina. After the Battle of Southsward, he and Serena toke them, for they had lost their parents to the Foxwolf.
    All were seated;Rab Streambattle and is otters, Joseph the Bellmaker, and the royal family."Good evening all. I'll like to-"
    "Stop kicking me Benjy!!"
    "Aww, you are just a big babe Raina!"
    "Hush both of ya,"said Rab."Ya my continue Gael."
    Gael eyed his children."Hm, thank you Rab. Like I was saying, we have guests in Castle Floret today. Matthew,"a young mouse with a sword had came in."and Sernana."everyone gasped as a fox came in. She had emerald-green eyes and a, nice but scary, smile.
    Rab and Joseph were quickly out theā€¦

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