Book 1: Southsward

Chapter 1

Gael Squirrelking sat at a big table with his wife Queen Serena and his adopted children, Benjy, Wincey,Figgs, and Raina. After the Battle of Southsward, he and Serena toke them, for they had lost their parents to the Foxwolf.
All were seated;Rab Streambattle and is otters, Joseph the Bellmaker, and the royal family."Good evening all. I'll like to-"
"Stop kicking me Benjy!!"
"Aww, you are just a big babe Raina!"
"Hush both of ya,"said Rab."Ya my continue Gael."
Gael eyed his children."Hm, thank you Rab. Like I was saying, we have guests in Castle Floret today. Matthew,"a young mouse with a sword had came in."and Sernana."everyone gasped as a fox came in. She had emerald-green eyes and a, nice but scary, smile.
Rab and Joseph were quickly out their seats."May we personal speak with you Gael?"asked Joseph.
"Sure but-"
"Now!"said Rab as he and Joseph pulled the squirrelking to the side."What's were ya thinkin' matey! This is'a what you did with Urgan! And what happened? A war between us and Urgan's Horde. You don't learn lessons do ya?"
"But Sernana came with MNatthew. He said she saved him from Urgan and Silvamord. Also I couldn't leave them out there with winter approaching."Gael explained.
Joseph was about to say something when Sernana came."Sir Joseph, two mice will like to speak with you.."she moved to the side and two mice came in. It was Joseph's daughter Mariel and her best friend Dandin.
"Father!!"the warriormaiden was hugging him close."Oh, I missed you soooo much!"
Joseph had to push her off to get a look at her."Oh, look at you. Your hair, it's much longer than I remember! Ah, Dandin!"
"It's nice to see you again Mr. Bellmaker."Joseph still hugged him. In the corner, Sernana and Treetail watched the two warriors.
"Sernana, do you want to change targets?"Matthew whispered.
"Hmm, the warriors are better."Sernana and Matthew wondered off into the castle. Thinking...of a plan!

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