• Raisin Bloodsaber

    Destiny is a strange thing

    Unlikely friendships and unlikely heroes are born

    Not knowing what drives them in following...

    The Path of the Hero

    Half the City was in an uproar. Especially Druulz the High Wizard of the Keep. Something had been stolen from him. Something he had worked most of his long life to create and he was out for blood. But what enraged him the most was that even with his magical ability and all the forces of the vast city under his command, he couldn't fight but a trace of the thief. As he ranted and raved in his room at the top of Tall Tower, one young rat was satifyed. He slipped over the city wall undetected and in the gloom of first light, at the base of the city wall, he pulled out his prize. Even in the darkness, the g…

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