• Ranguvar Foeslash

    'This is about Sunflash the Mace's son named Sunflash, hince, Sunflash the Second.'

    Sunflash, Lord of Salamadastron, stood over the baby badger. The badger fighter's stripe glowed golden in the sunlight streaming over, and his wife, Lady Lightshade, lay on the mat. Both Lightshade and Sunflash stared down at the baby badger. Sunflash looked deep into the babe's eyes. His babe's light stripe and dark fur clashed as the eyes stared back at him.
    Lightshade broke the dazzled silence. "He's... you, Sunflash."
    "And you, Lightshade." Sunflash breathed. "What'll we call him?"
    Lightshade did not respond.
    "Sunshade, yes, I like it!" Sunflash exclaimed.
    Lightshade, however, did not agree. "Sunflash, he looks more like you. Call him Sunflash."
    "But …

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