• Raperm

    The debate about what forms the major parts of an individual’s personality has been going on for years. There are two schools of thought; one, that personality is inbred and has more to do with our genes than our upbringing, and two, that our personality is a result of our environment and experiences. Brian Jacques would seem to be a staunch supporter of the first, given the nature of good and evil in the Redwall stories.

    In the entirety of the Redwall mythos, there are only a very, very few examples of “bad” creatures being “good”, and vice versa. For the most part, the lines are sharply drawn. Mice, voles, shrews, badgers, hedgehogs, otters, squirrels, hares and other assorted woodlanders are good. Rats, foxes, stoats, weasels, ferrets an…

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