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  • I live in Redwall Abbey
  • I was born on July 15
  • My occupation is Writing, Reading, Sword fighting, Role Playing
  • I am Male
  • RatthiasTheWarrior


    August 25, 2011 by RatthiasTheWarrior


    A fearsome looking fox practices throwing his knife. The silver blade buried itself into the bark of an ancient maple tree. The wooden handle was sticking out of the tree, the rubies on it glistening in the sunlight. The fox pulled the knife out of the tree and grinned evilly. Soon he would be pulling that very knife out of his enemie's neck, wiping the blood off of it, and feeling victorious.

    Chapter 1-

    A young fox cub named Clutch played in the shallows of a pond. His mother watched him from their home, hidden in a hill. Clutch watched as tiny fish swim away from him as he splashed around in the water. He giggled and grinned, having a great time. After awhile, Clutch swam out of the water, shook his fur, and raced toward his mo… Read more >