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  • Rawfan56

    My Fanfiction

    July 24, 2011 by Rawfan56

    I named it "My Fanfiction" Because, once I think of a better name, I'll name it that. It's dedicated to Salem, and Lath

    The darkness coated the Land of Ice and Snow. High King Mortspear sat upon his throne, smiling as a large white-rat brought a platter of food to him. His spear tapped the ground and he looked down at the brown tart. Swiftly lifting it he ate all five of them. Then gave it back to his servant and awaited for his sons to come into his presence...


    The sound of steel on steel rang through the air in the Highlands, as a squrriel battered a stoat back, as the squrriel leaped for a killing blow. The Blow never met the Stoat's head, as the squrriel's body was impaled upon the stoat's broadsword. "Yew see, yew idjit! Ah Kin beat an…

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  • Rawfan56

    I dont know if this has been done before but i am making my own =) enjoy

    The wall

    here is the main issue, the dang wall. These are tactics to get through it.

    Tactic one- cutlass plus east wall door to bolt equal inside wallgate, once you do this you basically have the gate almost.

    Tactic two- use a battering ram and shoot slings at the people above the main gate, but beware you may hit your own men, this works so they cant drop oil or hornets on you.

    Tactic three- its good to know your horde so if you have someone like shadow use them.

    Tactic four- if you are fighting them, get someone to get in and open a different wallgate, three birds with one stone you can attack the abbey and take the wallgate plus you can kill off warriors like skipper or …

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  • Rawfan56

    fall of redwall!

    August 26, 2010 by Rawfan56
    Hello, im rawfan56 or Sordak wildfur,


    Book one: the fall of redwall

    Chapter one

    The abbey of redwall stood looming in the distance like a golden reward for anyone who dared to try their hand at trying to conquer it. Being mid-afternoon it was quite hot, and Vulpuz watched the line of beasts. He began speaking " Alright go after it and take it you guys all had good ideas just combine them, and you get your ENIRE Horde back have fun" vulpuz stepped back and vanished. Cluny the scourge stepped into leadership position "alright, lets agree on who will be the leader, and who will be the generals" Cluny watched as everyone yelled about wanting to be leadership. Eventually through punching, slapping and biting they decid…

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