I named it "My Fanfiction" Because, once I think of a better name, I'll name it that. It's dedicated to Salem, and Lath

Chapter One

The darkness coated the Land of Ice and Snow. High King Mortspear sat upon his throne, smiling as a large white-rat brought a platter of food to him. His spear tapped the ground and he looked down at the brown tart. Swiftly lifting it he ate all five of them. Then gave it back to his servant and awaited for his sons to come into his presence...


The sound of steel on steel rang through the air in the Highlands, as a squrriel battered a stoat back, as the squrriel leaped for a killing blow. The Blow never met the Stoat's head, as the squrriel's body was impaled upon the stoat's broadsword. "Yew see, yew idjit! Ah Kin beat any 'o yew!" A squrriel swung in behind him. "Oh, that is doubtful" and then his world went black.

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