Hello, im rawfan56 or Sordak wildfur, 


Book one: the fall of redwall

Chapter one

The abbey of redwall stood looming in the distance like a golden reward for anyone who dared to try their hand at trying to conquer it. Being mid-afternoon it was quite hot, and Vulpuz watched the line of beasts. He began speaking " Alright go after it and take it you guys all had good ideas just combine them, and you get your ENIRE Horde back have fun" vulpuz stepped back and vanished. Cluny the scourge stepped into leadership position "alright, lets agree on who will be the leader, and who will be the generals" Cluny watched as everyone yelled about wanting to be leadership. Eventually through punching, slapping and biting they decided Cluny should be the leader. Cluny brought the warriors to a poisiton near mossflower wood, "when i was alive i used a battering ram, so lets try it and do we have any good snipers?" Cluny questioned Ferahgo the assassin smiled " mee" General ironbeak spoke next "i can fly some of Grutan's rats in with my birds and we can lead a surprize attack" Cluny chuckled at the greatness of each of the warriors.They kept plotting and thinking soon they had hatched a plan.

Abbey warrior Grav watched the night sky, seeing some odd shape in the sky he hurled his spear to test it. But to his surprize it struck something and the beast fell before him. It was a giant magpie with a skinny brownrat clutched into his limp claws Grav screeched " we are under atttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk" flinging himself at a brown rat it fell with a javelin through its chest. He knew he couldnt kill all of these brownrats with just cellerhog dellen spearback, Grav took aim with his javelin at what looked like the leader, and realeased it tore into the rook. Without ragwing who had been upgraded to a captain because of mangiz. The rooks and magpies retreated and the brownrats jumped and tried to get to a bird to fly back or were killed

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