I dont know if this has been done before but i am making my own =) enjoy


The wall

here is the main issue, the dang wall. These are tactics to get through it.

Tactic one- cutlass plus east wall door to bolt equal inside wallgate, once you do this you basically have the gate almost.

Tactic two- use a battering ram and shoot slings at the people above the main gate, but beware you may hit your own men, this works so they cant drop oil or hornets on you.

Tactic three- its good to know your horde so if you have someone like shadow use them.

Tactic four- if you are fighting them, get someone to get in and open a different wallgate, three birds with one stone you can attack the abbey and take the wallgate plus you can kill off warriors like skipper or others and they have less to guard the abbey. plus you can lock the warriors out and pick them off =)

Tactic five- pick some good stoats and ferrets and weasels going up a large tree and lower a ladder so you can get up send your third in command so you dont go mad.

The abbey

if you do take the wall you must do these things

Tactic one- Kill the hares squrriels shrews moles and badgers and just shoot dang arrows at them

Tactic two- if you do get in and you only have a little time grab the taspestry once you get back to the wall, cut martin out and run back to your former base which you should still have set up, and keep the normal tapestry. this should work

Tactic three- battering ram to door and slingstones above.

this should make you win =)

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