This will take place after the events of Taggerung.


Jukan Ton, fox leader of the Juskaton, was siting in his tent with his seer vixen Ema. The Juskaton was in need of a Taggerung, to help them through Northern Mossflower Country Ema stared into the fire; bones, shells, and rocks laid out in front of her. "In my visions, I can see Juskaton's future. The Taggerung comes from us; with blood red eyes."

"Can you see who will be our Taggerung?" asked Jukan.

Ema looked up at him with cold brown eyes. She stared as if about to say something that will change the world. Jukan's eyes blazed with fear, excitement, and wonder. "I dunno."

Jukan jumped up with rage. "What do ya mean ya don't know? You're a seer! You're s'pose to see everything!! Old grandma vixen!"

"Watch who you call grandma young'un! Just 'cause I'm old doesn't mean I can't-" their fight was interrupted by Juska, a fox. "Umm, sorry, but Marir is givin' birth. So is Dacun's mate Jakana!" Ema rushed out to help the mothers. "Was I intruding sir?"

"Not at all Juska. . .not at all." A scream broke the air; few minutes later, another. The foxes rushed to see Dacun holding his babe, and Marir holding Juska's. Ema toke the babe. '"Master look! The babe has red eyes!" Jukan looked at the young fox maid, her blood red eyes shone brightly. He reached out at her, and she bit down hard, showing blood.

Jukan laughed. "Haha, what a Taggerung she'll be! She's shedding blood already!" Jakana and Dacun chuckled to them selfs. "What you two laughing about?"

"She-" Dacun was stopped by Juska and Marir.

"Her name is Rayel!" they said in unison.

"Well, Rayel isn't Taggerung! Our daughter Reza is!" the proud ferret parents looked at their babe's red eyes. Same as Marir and Juska's daughter.

"The ferret babe can't be Taggerung. Rayel can kill her in seconds!" the parents fought as the Clan looked on. Jukan had it!

"Hush! Now, for the years to come, both will be treated like Taggerungs, but at the right moment, the true fighter will be revealed."

The foxes and ferret nodded and cared for their babes. Ema looked on at Jukan. Who's the rightful fighter? Quicker than the wind and lighter than a feather. Quicker than a running hare and stronger than a Badger Lord. Who is our Taggerung?!

Chapter 1

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