• Rayn Larusse

    bad redwallers

    June 13, 2010 by Rayn Larusse

    I wrote this because I'm a real fan of vermin and redwallers but sometimes I feel that the redwallers are badder than the vermin, some commit evil acts or treat vermin badly. Like they're never gonna change and they deserve to just die, die, die.

    1: Captain Snow, squire Gingivere & the vermin survivors: When the redwallers won the battle and the vermin where escaping, two "good" creatures, an owl and a cat where waiting outside. And even know the battle was over, the vermin had fled and Redwall was retaken, the vermin were butchered! They had surrendered, but they where killed anyway, most of them where rats, but there where still recruits who were taken from their homes, not even wanting to fight against the redwallers and when it was thei…

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  • Rayn Larusse
    ===Book 1, birth and death===

    It was a cold, windy night. Rahm looked up at the sky. It was starting to snow. An ermine exits the tent, putting a paw on the foxe's shoulder. "Sorry `bout yore mate, Rahm." The white fox shrugs the ermine's paw off. "`twas bound ter `appen. She's at Daerk forest now." The ermine looks Pityingly at his friend, then returns to his tent.

    The next day, Rahm was tired, sad and angry. She was gone and he couldn't do anything about it. The terrible snow storm has done it's work on both her and several others. Freezing them to death. He heard the call for breakfast and exited the gloomy darkness of his tent to meet the day. "Hoi! there's some'un over dere!" He follows the finger of the cook and sees a gray rat slowly …

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