===Book 1, birth and death===

Chapter 1, Gulo

It was a cold, windy night. Rahm looked up at the sky. It was starting to snow. An ermine exits the tent, putting a paw on the foxe's shoulder. "Sorry `bout yore mate, Rahm." The white fox shrugs the ermine's paw off. "`twas bound ter `appen. She's at Daerk forest now." The ermine looks Pityingly at his friend, then returns to his tent.

The next day, Rahm was tired, sad and angry. She was gone and he couldn't do anything about it. The terrible snow storm has done it's work on both her and several others. Freezing them to death. He heard the call for breakfast and exited the gloomy darkness of his tent to meet the day. "Hoi! there's some'un over dere!" He follows the finger of the cook and sees a gray rat slowly descend down the snow mound. Several guards rush over to the intruder, but stop short. The rat was carrying something. At closer inspection, it was a bundle. An ermine points his spear at the rat's chest. "You ain't allowed in `ere `less ya wanna die, rat!",he snarls. The rat drops it's bundle and pulls out a jagged, rusty dagger. "Do not move, white belly, I come to bring you this" He says in his raspy voice. He kicks the bundle towards them and runs. Several guards give chase while the ermine who had threatened the rat drops his spear and unfolds the strange bundle. When he was done, it revealed a battered, frozen mouse skull. The ermine is pushed away as the fox captain inspects it. After cracking the skull, a piece of parchment is shown. The fox pulls it out and reads it. After several minutes, he drops it in the cooking fire. "I must see Gulo"

A massive wolverine looked out at the approaching fox captain, "Wot is it, Dryg?" The fox bowed, "It's happened, lord Gulo, the rats are now are preparing to attack" Gulo grabbed him. "Rally the troops, fox. We will strike first. Or else..." Dryg understood or else. He understood that if he didn't rally the troops fast, then he'll never be able to breath air again. After Gulo dropped him, he dashes outside. "Brugil! Get Ferwul an' the other scouts and scout out ahead, Graddu, get the archers ready, we're gonna fight!"

Graybale the rat's army

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