This is a fan fiction story by Red Warrior. It is not considered canon, nor is it a policy or guideline.


Rose Callihan sat on her bed in her room watching the rain as it trickled down her window. It was two days after her birthday and still she hadn't finished opening all her presents. Now there were only five left sitting on her bed. All five of them were wrapped in red wrapping paper and were probably books. She reached over and lifted one up and looked around to see who it was from. There was no name on it except hers in elegant gold letters. She unwrapped it and looked at its cover. It was a hardback with an illustration of an otter holding a dagger and the words, 'Brian Jacques' on the cover, below which it read 'Taggerung'.

Hmmm... she thought. She h ad never read a book by that author before. Imediately her curiosity was awakened and she opened it and began to read.

Sawney Rath was dead, killed by Antigra the stoat. Antigra had left and returned to the Juska camp after killing him, then killing the fox Felch but there was someone else on the scene. She was a young otter but she was silver with a faint reddish tinge from head to footpaw. She wore a tunic of soft rose and a woven belt. In her right paw she carried a sling, in her left an oaken staff.

She looked around in wonderment at her surroundings. Where was she? Now she rememberd. Mossflower Wood. How she had got here she didn't know. But she was here! She smiled.

Her name was Rose.

Chapter One

It was near eventide and Rose had been traveling towards the ford where she knew she could find her way to Redwall. She sat down to think a bit. Hmm... Rose Callahan doesn't sound like the kind of name an otter would have... Rose Rudder? Rose Stream? Searose? Hmmm.. Otters are supposed to be fast in the water. Streamsplitter...Streamshear... Shearstream? Shearstream...That sounds good she thought. Rose Shearstream, Rose...Rosebud! Rosebud Shearstream, there! Her step was light and she hummed a happy tune as she walked along through Mossflower.

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