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    Kurva's Tale, Epilogue

    March 12, 2011 by Redfarl


    Extract from the diary of an ottermaid of Redwall Abbey in Mossflower Country.

    Father was telling us about the battle he fought in when he was only my age. He told us all about how he defeated Ragar Hookfang, and about how he stayed with the Long Patrol for a few seasons before he journeyed here to Redwall. I’m so proud to have a father like him! And my mama, Streamrose, says she’s proud to have him as a husband, too. I bet papa can hardly wait to tell the story to my little brother, Brugg, when he grows old enough to understand it.

    Oh, life is so good at the Abbey. The first day of summer is tomorrow, and Abbess Serenity says we’re going to have both a feast and a naming ceremony for Brugg. I can hardly wait! There’s going to be sin…

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  • Redfarl

    Chapter Seven: A Slave’s Revenge

      Kurva, along with every hare fit to do battle, marched from Salamandastron with his or her arms at the ready. Lance and pike bearers marched at the front, archers and slingers at the rear. Lady Marcella headed the army, wearing a deep breastplate, a chain mail kilt, and a war helmet. She gripped her battle blade tightly in one paw, the light of battle glowing in her red eyes.

    Suddenly from the ranks a scream rang out. A young male hare fell, transfixed by an arrow. Every hare broke ranks and ran then, and the two armies collided with earth shattering force. Blades flashed and arrows flew between both sides. However, it didn’t take long for a few of the senior officers to notice where a few of the stray arro…

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    Chapter Six: The Battle Begins


    Not long after Gungro returned had Ragar Hookfang rallied all the vermin loyal to him. More creatures had joined him since he had landed the Wavelash on the coast. A ragtag band of ferrets had been found by a group of Ragar’s trackers, as well as a few motley rats. They had increased his numbers to two hundred and twenty creatures, not including the dead Trudd and the galley slaves. He had left five of his crew to guard the ship and the slaves, and had then set out on the march to Salamandastron.

    It was well after dark, and Ragar was not far away from the mountain. He was sitting around a fire with a few of his most loyal crewmembers, discussing the battle to come. “I want the crew split into three groups. Two…

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    Chapter Five: A Weapon Fit for A Warrior

    Hartshire returned early the next morning, having stopped from exhaustion only a few hours from the mountain. He had slept fitfully after cleaning his wound with damp sand from the shore, and when he woke, had finished his run to Salamandastron. He made his swiftly to Lady Marcella’s chambers, rapping on the door with a tightly clenched paw. “Marm, urgent news, marm. Patrol Runner Hartshire reportin’, marm.”

    “Enter!” Boomed Lady Marcella’s strong voice.

    Hartshire pushed open the badger lady’s chamber doors, throwing a salute as he stepped in. “Had a run-in with the vermin, marm. Four o’ the blighters attacked me a day an’ a half from th’mountain. Confirmed that they’re the bally pirate vermin, wot. The…

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    Chapter Four: The Message

    “Bend yer backs, slaves!” Ripscar the rat snarled, glaring at the five beasts that had chosen to assist the crewbeasts forage for supplies. He looked up from the slaves when another rat, a short male missing an ear, scurried up.

    “What d’yer want, Frudle?” Ripscar questioned, sneering at the smaller beast.

    “Cap’n Hookfang wants ter talk to yer, Rip. ‘e said somethin’ about scoutin’ up toward that big ol’ mountain.” Frudle replied, scratching at his ear stub with a grimy claw. “An’ ‘e tol’ me ter watch th’ slaves fer ye.”

    Ripscar nodded. “Right. Keep yer eye on’em, Frudle.” He snarled, then marched off toward the camp, leaving Frudle and the other handful of crewbeasts to the slaves. He walked up upon Ragar Hookfang, wh…

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