Extract from the diary of an ottermaid of Redwall Abbey in Mossflower Country.

Father was telling us about the battle he fought in when he was only my age. He told us all about how he defeated Ragar Hookfang, and about how he stayed with the Long Patrol for a few seasons before he journeyed here to Redwall. I’m so proud to have a father like him! And my mama, Streamrose, says she’s proud to have him as a husband, too. I bet papa can hardly wait to tell the story to my little brother, Brugg, when he grows old enough to understand it.

Oh, life is so good at the Abbey. The first day of summer is tomorrow, and Abbess Serenity says we’re going to have both a feast and a naming ceremony for Brugg. I can hardly wait! There’s going to be singing, dancing, contests, the wall top race, and more food than you can imagine! It will be little Brugg’s first feast, and I made my friend, Raynum, promise to sing him a special song she composed last summer. She has such a fine voice for such a little squirrel.

Mama says she’s going to make an extra cauldron of shrimp and hotroot soup, since Skipper Hillrud and his crew are coming to visit. I can hardly wait for those otters to get here. All the Dibbuns love to listen to their stories, and the Skipper always likes to share a beaker of wine with my father and chat in Cavern Hole. Those two are getting to be such old fogeys. But don’t tell them I said that!

Oh, I have to go. Mama is calling me. She needs me to help her prepare the woodland trifle and the strawberry pudding for tomorrows feast. I wish you could be here for it. Maybe you can come to the next one. Redwall’s gates are always open to weary travelers who have a story to tell, or who want to warm their paws by the fire and listen to the stories of others.

From the diary of Reeva, daughter of Streamrose and Kurva, apprentice Recorder of Redwall Abbey.

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