• Redwall151

    Chapter 1:

    Moist droplets dribbled off the luscious, green foliage of Mossflower Woods, finding their way to the damp soil below. Birds chirruped as they soared through the sky, reaching their nests in slumber. A slight breeze stirred the fallen leaves of Autumn. The forest was a slient morn, the rays of gold striking every nook and cranny in sight.

    A young water vole peered from behind a clump of reeds. Having escaped from the disapproving glares of his parents, he searched for a secluded hideaway. Unsheathing his father’s carving knife, he plucked a reed stalk and started widdling away at the plant, gradually sharpening it into a functional spear. He would surely show his parents of his true warrior blood! Angrily, the young creature hack…

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  • Redwall151

    Moist droplets dribbled off the lucious foliage. The forest was a silent morn, save for the sound of joyous birds chirruping as they soared through the sky. A young water vole was widdling away at a fresh green reed, admiring the structure of the plant. The vole coundn't have a care in the world! Life in Mossflower Woods meant a life of ease, of peace. Suddenly the form of the vole became rigid as the crack of a twig under somebeast's paw was heard. His ears perked up, trying to decipher who was closing in on him. "Ma mah? Is tha--." CCrkkSLIT! The vole didn't have time to squeak in alarm as his lifeless body hit the ground.

    A beast draped in a checkered cloak appeared from the shadows, the sound of clicking claws against a sword hilt cou…

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  • Redwall151

    Art Contest!

    September 25, 2010 by Redwall151
    • I'm still not completely familiar with the rules of this wiki, but I think it's okay for me to set up a drawing contest? Yes? No? Maybe so?
    • Well if so, here's what it's about: Draw your favorite battle scene from ANY of the Redwall books. Include all of the main characters during that scene to add more of an intense effect, if you please. There doesn't have to be color, but it would look nice. If there isn't color, details, details, DETAILS would be nice! :D
    • Prize- Your choice of a picture drawn by me. It could be your character, a redwall characeter, or anything redwall related! Limited to one character + a background.
    • Due date- I haven't decided on a definate date for all entries to be in by, but it will be 1-2 weeks. Get your creative juic…
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