Moist droplets dribbled off the lucious foliage. The forest was a silent morn, save for the sound of joyous birds chirruping as they soared through the sky. A young water vole was widdling away at a fresh green reed, admiring the structure of the plant. The vole coundn't have a care in the world! Life in Mossflower Woods meant a life of ease, of peace. Suddenly the form of the vole became rigid as the crack of a twig under somebeast's paw was heard. His ears perked up, trying to decipher who was closing in on him. "Ma mah? Is tha--." CCrkkSLIT! The vole didn't have time to squeak in alarm as his lifeless body hit the ground.

A beast draped in a checkered cloak appeared from the shadows, the sound of clicking claws against a sword hilt could be heard. "Hrmm...pity dis scum kerdint call to 'is family. Oh wot grief dey'll git when dey see 'is flea-bitten carcass layin' here, all dead-like. Heeehahahah! Dey will wanna skin me 'ide, dey will! But no. Death isn't an opchun for Ziltav! death cowers at the very munchun of me name! Oh beast sets a paw on Ziltav the Horrifying!" At that, the assassin disappeared into the foliage, leaving no song from the birds and an unsetteled silence upon the forest.

Watcha guys think so far? It's not much at all, but I'm just trying to get a feel for my story right now. Think Ziltav is a pretty convining Villain? Here's an illustration I drew of him: also, if anyone wants to work with me on this fanfic, feel free :D I'm open to ANY new ideas for anything! All I have is my main villain and his role: to be an assassin. In the story, the main bad plot will be that he gets a job from "blahblah" villain to silence the abbot of Redwall. Good? Yes? No? Maybe so? :)

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