PsG's cover! From left to right we have Dak Fireclaw, Violet Wavehound, Wave Galedeep, Worrom the seal (thanks to Snowstripe for the idea to put him in XD), Treyen Stormeye, and the Searats Who Don't Do Nuthin', comprising of Ludd, Paul, and Harry. And finally, we have The Evil Eyes of Doom in the top center. It sorta got the edges cut off when I scanned it, but this was the best I could do. Oh, and the date on the signature is incorrect. It was finished waayyy after the 3rd XP.

By Reep

Author's Note

This is the first story in a series of fanfics called the Paladins (a synonym of 'defenders', for those who don't know). The series itself is rather long (6 fics), and I hope I'll be able to write them all. They are-

Paladins: Genesis-How Reep's tribe got to Green Isle, and of his mentor, Wave Galedeep. This one

Paladins: ThunderStorm(yes, they all start with "Paladins" at the beginning)-Reep and Nikko's first story.

And then the others, which I haven't named yet.
It's going to be a different take on Redwall then what most fanfic writers do; sort of like Sayna's Fics. It's set during and after the events of 'The Rogue Crew'. Even though it's a different take on Redwall, I'm still assuming that the same events happened.
I dedicate this fanfic to everyone who's posted a fanfic on here in the past 6 months; all your stories have been an inspiration XD And special thanks to Sayna, whose fanfics got me on the wiki in the first place :)

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