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September 20, 2009
  • Rhulasunwave101

    The snow was blinding, the wind howling through the tall pine trees of the Northern Lands. The sky, a light, powder blue merely an hour before, was unable to be seen in the storm. There were no signs of life to be seen, save for one lone back wolf struggling to walk in the harsh conditions. Her deep, sapphire blue eyes sparkled as they darted around, hastily looking for shelter. The storm was strengthening every second, and she had no intention of freezing out in the white-washed field. Bending against the force of the wind, she pulled the hood of her tunic up to cover her eyes, and she smelled it.

    There, inside a small grove of trees, was a musky, abandoned cave. Smiling to herself, the young wolf strode through the piling snow toward the …

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  • Rhulasunwave101


    My old dad is always saying that each winter is worse than the last. I think it may just be the strength easing away from his old bones, making him colder more easily. Of course, I wouldn't say that to his face, if'n I didn't want to get slapped into next season. Sometimes I wish I could've seen him in his fightin' days. Oh, what a sight that wouldn've been! Hah! But for now we rest and wait for Brother Ruber and his trainee cooks to prepare our annual winter feast. Many of us have already done our duties around the Abbey, such as puttting up banners, cleaning tables and furniture, sprucing up the decorations, and what not. Abbess Bree took it upon herself to head out with yours truly and catch our gra…

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