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aka Richard Troy Starkey

  • I live in New Martinsville, WV
  • My occupation is Coal Miner
  • I am a Good ole southerner
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    March 20, 2011 by Richard Starkey

    An old otter sat in a chair.He had strange white fur and had came to Redwall long ago. All of a sudden a crowd of Dibbuns burst through the door.

    The otter chuckled "Now what do you Marauders want now Eh?" A little mousebabe piped up "You said you were gorra tell usn's a story" The old otter replied "That I was. Now y'all ready." The Dibbuns stared wide-eyed as the story unfolded.

    Two otters walked down Terak Isle's woodlands. The older one was called Riverock and the younger one was his son, Radeenden. Terak had been ruled by Blindscar's horde. They arrived upon a pool of bubbling acid that Blindscar used to kill his victims.Riverock heard something and told Radeenden to hide.Radeenden obeyed willingly.A Black-furred weasel thrust a spear a…

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    Chapter 1 Core The mighty Badger warlord was truly a fearsome beast he was completely white and was huge even for a badger. His armor covered his whole body except his face and paws he also had three huge iron warspikes coming from his neck and a cloak made of chain mail. His horde numbered of A thousand and consisted of: Weasels, Ferrets, Otters, Hedgehogs and Stoats.

    Lore stood looking over the fast army. No beast in the horde was evil although their had been traitors in the past. Lore was a sinewy ferret and one of Core's two generals. He wielded a fearsome double-headed Stone-headed axe. An armored otter jumped up beside him.Surprised Lore
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