Core The Fourth:The Darkland

Chapter 1 Core The mighty Badger warlord was truly a fearsome beast he was completely white and was huge even for a badger. His armor covered his whole body except his face and paws he also had three huge iron warspikes coming from his neck and a cloak made of chain mail. His horde numbered of A thousand and consisted of: Weasels, Ferrets, Otters, Hedgehogs and Stoats.

  Lore stood looking over the fast army. No beast in the horde was evil although their had been traitors in the past. Lore was a sinewy ferret and one of Core's two generals. He wielded a fearsome double-headed Stone-headed axe. An armored otter jumped up beside him.Surprised Lore
        Sorry I'm starting a new one. I'll cotinue this one later

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