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    “And what can I help you little ones with today?” Teagan closed the book but did not lay it on her lap, instead holding it upright so that she could rest her paws and chin upon it. The four dibbuns shuffled their foot paws and wouldn’t meet her eyes, mumbling shyly for a moment, before the little otter cub sauntered forward bravely, summoning up courage.

    “Is it true you was married to a vermin miss?” he asked before becoming bashful again and looking ashamed to have asked. Teagan sat silent in surprise at this question, before composing herself. “Where did you hear that?” she asked gently.

    “Minty said her mam said you had.” a small hedgehog tittered, pointing at a squirrel dibbun who was looking defiantly at her toes. “And we say she’s a g…

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    Black Destiny

    January 5, 2012 by Riftgard Princess

    This a fanfiction written by me and Bluestripe the wild. it is not canon or policy guideline. thank you.


    The night was pierced by the screams of creatures locked in combat. Death cries were heard over and over until it seemed that they were nothing but echoes that would never cease to repeat. The sound of steel against steel rang out as many creatures engaged one another in battle. Hares and sea otters fought against searats and fox, weasel, stoat, and ferret corsairs. Nearly a score of ships containing woodlanders and vermin alike were clustered together as each creature fought to board another ship. A few ships in particular had been victims of fire arrows, timbers crackling as the flames consumed he ships they had made their prey. Th…

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