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June 2, 2010
  • Rikov

    It's finally here! ( Apologies if it seems rushed )

    Ssssssthk!! As the arrow whistled by his ear, the creature turned around to view his pursuer. He was gaining. With labored breath, Geralt pressed on, eager to outdistance the shadowy being taking aim at him once again. As he ran, he silently cursed the name of Unda’ak ar Kais, and managed somehow to run just a little faster. His pursuer soon gave up and trudged back to the settlement fuming over his failure to kill his quarry. Geralt ran for a bit more, then collapsed, wheezing and panting. His kind was not meant for extended jogging, but short and fast sprints. It took him a few minutes to gather himself, and when he was back to normal, he chanced a look to see if the greatrat was still f…

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  • Rikov

    As daylight faded o’er Mossflower woods, Abbess Roxanne lay down her quill and glasses, estimating that this would be about the time the bells sounded for dinner. As she strode out of the gatehouse, which she and every other gatekeeper before her had tended and made their home, the distinct velvet thunder of the bells gave voice to their relaxed mood. Bong! .......Bong! ...... As usual, the strong, well-kept hare was right. It was her belief that misjudging the time of meals was a crime worse than all, and she made a point to keep herself a law-abiding citizen of this statement. As she walked into Great Hall, she was greeted by her assistant and best friend, Yazar Lightbrush, an unusually short squirrel who joined Rox in her law of m…

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